Saturday, March 24, 2012


Its so long since I logged on that blogger dashboard has been being particularly rotten about letting me in and its just taken me a quazzillion attempts to get passed the guys on security even though I had both my pass and my security badge! Anyway here finally.

TBH not a great deal worthy of note has been going on to put on the blog. For the past five or six weeks I have been ill, first with the sickness bug that was going round and then with a cold which has now developed into a particularly nasty cough. In fact this morning the coughing fit I had was so bad it reminded me so much of the hooping cough I had as a child.

So although I have bought patterns and fabric to make a few items, although I have been to craft show, Kate's demo day and had a couple of short trips to Hobbycraft, I havent actually produced any craftiness.

I've also done family stuff but not felt that well enough to enjoy it one hundred percent.

And I have signed on with a new agency who are now finding me so much work that I am virtually doing full time at the moment. The money isnt quite as good as it was with KTT but then with no work from them since September and none looking KTT's money drops to zero making anyone with vacancies look better paid!!

Finley continues to grow at a rate of notts,

I really miss him now I am doing so much work. I would much rather be playing with my grandson than teaching other peoples offspring but only one more week and I will get some time off with him and Laura.