Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Birthday list

Next Sunday I will reach the grand old age of 49, and my eldest has just phoned to ask what I would like as a pressie. Why oh why oh why is it you can always think of heaps of things you would like, right up until the very moment someone asks what would you like, and then you just cant think of anything?
Of course then I start writing things I see on bits of paper but never have it to hand when I am asked!
So I am going to make my list here this year. Its ok if it stays here and I just add to it because it usually doubles as a christmas list with it being so close to Christmas. Please please dont anyone take this as meaning I am asking anyone to give me this stuff - it is here purely to aid my poor aging memory for when the youngest and my hubby ask me what I would like, but please feel free to chip in with any 'must haves' you think I should add on.

Ok then - Yvonne's birthday/christmas gift list

Body Shop Lightning touch
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett
Book reading light - as seen in Boots, nice pink girly oneLOL

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I had been house sitting and dog sitting while mum and dad went to Lanzarote for a week in the sun. They had a terrific time - they went on camels, took a deep sea dive in a yellow submarine and delved down volcanoes. The trip was only mared by the phone call their mate got saying that sadly his mum had passed on. So they came back from the sun to attend a funeral in the rain.
We, in the meantime finally got our medicals for the fostering through. My doctor has a very dry sense of humour so the hour we spent at the surgery was a bit of a giggle. Hubby couldnt come in with me for mine as Doc said he would only get confuddled trying to fill in two forms at once so I went first. I've not had a medical since I was 16 and applying for a job with the MOD so I was a tad nervous. So result - high blood pressure result. But fingers crossed everything else is ok on it. No idea how long we will have to wait for the next bit though.
I have also been having a major stress about the job interview in a week and a halfs time. They seem to want so much of the candidates - a lesson in the morning fully planned, lunch with the staff, a 10 min presentation with a portfolio of work and then a proper formal interview. It all got too much for me and I finally broke down in tears because I just dont have any work samples - well why would I? I walked out with stress last november never realising I would never set foot in the place again. Anyway Hubby was great and said that it doesnt matter, I can only do what I can do and if I dont get the job we will find something else, even if it means I have to go back to college (and that wouldnt be for a whole other year!) So I am now trying to let it all 'go over my head' as the saying goes.
I also went to my local crop yesterday where lovely Bernie RAKed me a lovely little tin for me to decorate for my advent swap and then Margie gave me a mini lunchbox for the same reason. Margie was very impressed with the short lesson I gave her on photoshop 7, mum finally made some christmas cards and I managed the best part of an exploding box as well as two cards and a half decorated tin.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mother of the Bride

Gosh my legs ache - my youngest daughter and I went to Bluewater today to get something for this poor fat short Mother of the Bride to wear to the Big Event. I dont do a lot of distance driving so 40 miles there and then walking around for several hours was a tad tireing to say the least.
Anyway the first shop we tried was Coast where I tried on a bustier top and matching skirt with a lovely lacey kick pleat at the back, all in a dusty plumish colour. It actually looked ok and whats more it was in the sale, £75 top reduced to £35 and the skirt had a similar huge price slash. Wow! I couldnt believe we had actually found something and so easily. Next was our stop after that where we picked out some lush gold and cream brocade shoes which lifted the colour - I didnt actually buy them as I wanted to have a further look round before settling but I think they are what I will go for. I thought we were on a roll, all I now needed was a shrug/jacket/bolero/top coat to wear with it (as it was off the shoulder and the wedding is in March, plus I am getting a little long in the tooth to be parading too much bear flesh). This is where it got difficult though as nothing either was the right colour, fitted or suited me. Without the complete outfit there is no point in looking for the accessories (jewellry, hat, bag) so its back to scouring the internet and ebay. But at least I have made a start.

By this time we have been out 5 hours and it is tipping down, but it is my dad's birthday tomorrow and neither my daughter or myself had bought a pressie for the old man, so a detour over to Sheerness to find the concrete ornament factory. Yes a good idea except we didnt actually know where it was or what it was called. An hour spent driving in torrential rain around docks and industrial estates later and we stumbled on it. Between us we got him a lovely water feature complete with pump so I just hope he appreciates the effort.

I am still doing the Dares from the WeDigidareYa site - so many challenge sites have shut down this week its hard to keep up with them - this is my attempt for Dare #8

Shir Benovich Kit 1
ES Spooks stitching
Quote "A hug is worth a thousand words, a friend is worth more" Author unknown

Friday, October 20, 2006

On the up?

Are better times on the horizon?
Well hubby has been told he can stay in the store he is in at the moment recouperating from the stress episode for at least another 4 weeks so yes that is good news.
After loads of job applications (one I was positive I was perfect for but alas no) I have finally been shortlisted for interview. Mind you they want to see a taught lesson, lunch with the staff, a 10 min presentation AND an interview so scary but a confidence boost to be chosen at least.
And ok only a little bit of good luck but is it a sign that the bad times are over? We bought some computer chairs from Morrison way back last November. They were such a good offer we bought 3, one for my daughter, one for my daughter's boyfriend's dad and one for me. Within a month the one for my DBF's dad had broken (awheel on the stand snapped off). The cat had snagged the plastic on the seat of mine so we made one decent chair out of the two broken ones, but had lost the recipe so could do no more about it. Last week a wheel snapped on mine so it was religated to the pile of rubbish sitting outside waiting to go to the tip BUT THEN Monday Morrisons put out a recall on them!!Apparently this wheel snapping thing is a fault and they are giving every one who brings them back a full refund, no recipe needed! So WAY HAY a result. Money returned and off to Staples for a new chair.
Fingers crossed this is a bit of a turning point.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Black tie affair!

My youngest daughter is social secretary to the local cricket club, and has been helping to arrange the end of season Dinner and Dance. We had never been before but this year curtesy of Laura we got an invite (at £25 a head mind). We were rather dubious as this seemed a lot of money for a meal, but since it was also to combine a celebration for Laura's boyfriend's 30th birthday both my husband and I, plus my parents agreed to come along.The day started off disasterously. Already in a bit of a spin because the response to the affair had been so poor this year and the ordered marquee had had to be reduced in size, costs not likely to be covered etc. Laura got up early to sort out a few of the surprises she had in store for the birthday part of the celebration. She had spent ages making a special birthday cake which needed a few finishing touches. These finishing touches should not have been mine as I managed to give the poor woman decorating the top of the cake green eyelashes!

Then we went up to the clubhouse to help set up and decorate the tables to find the marquee had only just turned up and no one else was there to unlock or let them in. Worse still when we did get inside it was to discover that the place had had a break-in. One of the small top windows had been completely pushed in, an optic of JD was on the floor and mud everywhere. So far from cleaning up and getting the place ready we had to wait for forensics to turn up and dust for fingerprints!

Laura had a hair appointment followed by a make up demo appointment (care of her last employers who had bought it for her birthday) so had to leave. I ended up doing all the bits and peices she was going to do in the morning instead. I walked all round town looking for oasis to do the table decorations, dashing back up the club with my husband to put them out, and put up the balloons and stuff.

Anyway at last we were all ready, Laura was highly stressed out and had an awful headache but we were ready! Or were we? We had not realised it was to be such a 'posh' affair. Black dress and DJ's no less. There were only three men in ordinary suits - my husband, my dad and ....the club chairman LOL.

But it was a fantastic evening! The band were brilliant and had us all up and dancing and singing, my dad won his first ever raffle prize, a 14" combo tv with dvd player (he was so chuffed) and then my mum won a bottle of whisky, the meal was supperb (pate starter, roast turkey and heaps of trimmings, trifle with lashings of cream, cheese and biscuits, coffee and mint). Then to top it all, as it was also the prize winners presentation too, Laura and her friend recieved a cup for services to the club. This was a presentation cup that could go to anyone as voted by the club committee and it is the first time in the club's history that it has gone to two people, and the first time EVER it has gone to anything other than a male!!! Girlpower rules!!! Their names will be added to those already on the bottom of the cup and also up on the winners board around the clubhouse walls. It was certainly well deserved though as they have knocked themselves out over the last two years, running the bar, making the match teas, organising curry evenings, quiz nights, bbq's as well as spending time up the club cleaning and painting.

Ok I was going to put a photo of Laura and her friend holding the cup but blogger is not letting me upload it.

And as for the birthday boy? He was in seventh heaven as he not only got a cup for being bowler of the season, had a terrific cake off his girlfriend, but all the team had clubbed together and bought him a Spurs shirt signed by all but one member of the Spurs team!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm back - did you miss me?

I know I know, not been around for a bit. IE6 kept crashing everytime I visited and Firefox simply doesnt get on with blogger at all so I gave up for a while, but I have now downloaded IE7 so fingers crossed?

The plans for the wedding are steamrollering on. A venue is now booked for the reception, menus nearly sorted, bridesmaid's dresses chosen and the groom has now had a change of mind (he was adamant he was not going to but!!) and now the ushers, groom and Father of the Bride are to be in full top hats and tails, with proper penguin suits!!! This thing is getting posher by the minute and I am having a real panic about what to wear as Mother of the Bride. I have been given lots of instructions from my daughter who does NOT understand my body shape, and I know that the choices I am left with will not suit me or fit or be comfortable. And is going to cost an absolute fortune since I am strictly forbidden to buy off ebay LOL. The diet is not going well either, I put ON another pound this week so I am going to have to ban all goodies from the house and live on lettuce leaves for a few weeks.

On the scrapping font I went to a crop at the weekend, the first time I have been since I became ill and left work. It was really good to get back and chat with the lovely ladies I had met before. I was supposed to be giving some lessons in photo manipulation using Photoshop and had spent quite a while burning all the freebie plug ins I had downloaded off the net onto discs so that I could use them. Unfortunately the lady who was supposed to be supplying the laptop to play on forgot it so I never got to do my class but I did manage to get some stuff made, and a lovely lady Jackie showed me how to make a brilliant waterfall book.