Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Birthday list

Next Sunday I will reach the grand old age of 49, and my eldest has just phoned to ask what I would like as a pressie. Why oh why oh why is it you can always think of heaps of things you would like, right up until the very moment someone asks what would you like, and then you just cant think of anything?
Of course then I start writing things I see on bits of paper but never have it to hand when I am asked!
So I am going to make my list here this year. Its ok if it stays here and I just add to it because it usually doubles as a christmas list with it being so close to Christmas. Please please dont anyone take this as meaning I am asking anyone to give me this stuff - it is here purely to aid my poor aging memory for when the youngest and my hubby ask me what I would like, but please feel free to chip in with any 'must haves' you think I should add on.

Ok then - Yvonne's birthday/christmas gift list

Body Shop Lightning touch
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett
Book reading light - as seen in Boots, nice pink girly oneLOL

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Jaffers said...

Snapsie on the not knowing what you want when asked…and on it being a birthday / Christmas combo list!
I might nick your idea of blogging it if you don’t mind babe?