Sunday, October 29, 2006

I had been house sitting and dog sitting while mum and dad went to Lanzarote for a week in the sun. They had a terrific time - they went on camels, took a deep sea dive in a yellow submarine and delved down volcanoes. The trip was only mared by the phone call their mate got saying that sadly his mum had passed on. So they came back from the sun to attend a funeral in the rain.
We, in the meantime finally got our medicals for the fostering through. My doctor has a very dry sense of humour so the hour we spent at the surgery was a bit of a giggle. Hubby couldnt come in with me for mine as Doc said he would only get confuddled trying to fill in two forms at once so I went first. I've not had a medical since I was 16 and applying for a job with the MOD so I was a tad nervous. So result - high blood pressure result. But fingers crossed everything else is ok on it. No idea how long we will have to wait for the next bit though.
I have also been having a major stress about the job interview in a week and a halfs time. They seem to want so much of the candidates - a lesson in the morning fully planned, lunch with the staff, a 10 min presentation with a portfolio of work and then a proper formal interview. It all got too much for me and I finally broke down in tears because I just dont have any work samples - well why would I? I walked out with stress last november never realising I would never set foot in the place again. Anyway Hubby was great and said that it doesnt matter, I can only do what I can do and if I dont get the job we will find something else, even if it means I have to go back to college (and that wouldnt be for a whole other year!) So I am now trying to let it all 'go over my head' as the saying goes.
I also went to my local crop yesterday where lovely Bernie RAKed me a lovely little tin for me to decorate for my advent swap and then Margie gave me a mini lunchbox for the same reason. Margie was very impressed with the short lesson I gave her on photoshop 7, mum finally made some christmas cards and I managed the best part of an exploding box as well as two cards and a half decorated tin.

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Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed on all counts for you Yizz, you deserve good things to happen!

(it's too late I know I meant to say something else and I've forgotten already, think I need to get to bed :D).