Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge 4 Sketch it

I was getting on really well with this challenge until I stopped for a quick drinks break and knocked half a can of 7 UP across the scrapping desk!!!  I saved most of it, and some wet patches had to be covered with extra labels but I quite like the way it has ended up.

Oh and I am really loving this bluetooth lark. Taking photos with my phone is way faster than messing about with the scanner even if the end results are not quite so great.

Olympic challenge

3 photos
2 sheets of pattern paper

1 sheet of cardstock

This was way harder than at first glance, because having used my sheet of cs as my background I suddlenly realised it would then be cheating to use any more white card to cut out embellishments and alphabets on my cricut. So 3 photos, check (that was the easy part as its the first time I actually took more than 1 photo of an event). 2 sheets of pattern paper, (1 sheet of autumn leaves superstar, rockstar, and one sheet of WRMK, stitched flowers/denim).1 sheet of cardstock, (white bazille). I just added a bit of bakers twine and some white rub-on letters.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


This week ATDML are hosting a cybercrop with lots of classes and challenges. Still caught by the bug from last week, I managed to do the first class in under an hour. Mind it has taken me another hour and a half going though all my fonts and stickers trying to find enough letters for the title!