Sunday, April 29, 2007

More from UKS CC

This class was by Shimelle and is so quick and simple but brilliant for the wedding photos. I have done this as a digi but I have also done a double page spread as a paper version to put into the album. Sadly STILL no scanners at PC World. Curry's had just the one I want, and on offer, on the shelf. But not in stock apparently - and the assistant I asked had to be the most unhelpful I have ever come across. These places no longer keep stock 'out the back' but on the shelves below the ones on show. So when I could plainly see there were none there I was pretty sure they were not in stock. Hubby asked the assistant anyway who looked, muttered 'none in stock' and walked over to where their own make, at a quarter the price, and obviously far inferior to the one I wanted was. 'I want a higher dpi spec than that one' I said, so he just walked off!!

Still I never learn, last time I went in the same self store they had just moved into the new premises and when I asked where a certain item was located I was told 'I've just put them out somewhere but blowed if I can remember where' and he walked off too.

So back to the cybercrop. I got into a bit of a strope when one of the class threads got a bit nasty because the class designer (the lovely Jean) had omitted to upload a template. I wont go into details but suffice to say I got on my high horse a bit and really went off in one on her thread so Jean if you are reading this - I sincerely apologise. However despite the hype and all the other things I dont like about the UKS cybercrop there are some fab classes over there this time round. I havnt bothered with anything else, as I cant accept the way things are done and the unfairness of alot of it, the fighting for points and the time spans so I have just done a few classes at my own leisure. If you do get chance pop over and take a look at them, some great designers, lovely ideas and some new techniques.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

UKS Cybercrop today. And although I have a heap of housework, the garden needs a heck of a lot of work on it and I have 6 application forms to fill, I stopped to do a couple of classes digi wise. The first is a class by the wonderful Katie of digi LO fame using a template by her.

Papers - Miss Mint Sweet Easter
Flowers, corners and sun - Doodle fancies by I made this today
Swirl - Shabby princess Colourful corners
Stitches - SP Spendid
Bead chain, and flowers - Miss Mint Sweet Easter

And the second is a digi version of Maria's class using more of Shabby Princess Sweet Easter and some home made letters.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit rabbit

We have a bit of a rabbit problem at Nursery. Not the chatting, Chas and Dave stuff but the cutsie fluffy hopping kritters.

On monday the staff uncovered the tarpaulin off the sand pit (it had been covered for the winter) only to discover a family of Mr and Mrs Bunny and all the little baby bunnies had made a real live burrow in it! So the sand pit is out of bounds until they can think what to do. Lets hope Ofsted dont come aknockin as I am not sure which curriculum target we will be failing on for that one.

Then today as I took the children back to the classroom from lunch we saw a wee little ball of grey fur dissappear into the covered area outside the classroom door where there is storage of the larger toys. It was a little babe bunny but it was so frightened it buried itself amongst the toy boxes and refused to move. In the end we had to get the Deputy Manager to chase it out and back to its home.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I really miss not having a scanner. I have done 2 LO's for my DD's wedding album, covered a Boots album ready to put them in (I cant do any more as I am waiting for more cardstock to come), made a cd box for my DC pdf files and 20 invite cards for DH's birthday. None of which I can share because try as I might I just cant seem to get decent photos of any of them. Neither can I get a photo of the pen box I have made using the wonderful little triangle boxes Beth kindly sent me to play with. The trouble is I have set my heart on an Epson V1000 because of its high resolution for scanning in my old photos but everywhere is out of stock.
Another letter to tell me I have not been shortlisted for a job came today so despite one Head teacher telling me my application letter was spot on I decided it wasnt working and started again from scratch. I have 10 suitable jobs to apply for so I want to get it right. Someone somewhere must want me!!This meant I have spent most of the delightful sunny day stuck indoors on the computer. Hubby has just completed 3 'days' on nights training his night crew so although he was awake to ensure he sleeps tonight he has only lazed about getting in the way, so despite the house looking like a tip I have not been able to clear it up for fear of upsetting him.
We did take a trip over to the site where the fences have gone up - what a difference it makes to see the two plots properly divided off. The plumber has also been in to put all the toilets and basins in. Its one mad rush now to get it finished in two weeks so that the kids can collect their doggy and have a home for it.
Laura and Wayne went up to see the little Bailey puppy yesterday (which is so sweet so I am told and the best of the 8 strong litter) only to break down at the very top of the Dartford bridge crossing!! Apparently Laura was driving and the clutch went. Luckily it was stop start traffic so even though they were in the outermost lane they were not in any real danger and the services soon came and towed them off for the AA to repair and send them on their way.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Job interview

Today I went for a job interview as an advisory teacher to the pre-schools. I really wanted it and thought I had all the right qualifications and experience. I was feeling very confident and tried really hard to sell myself. I really wanted a shot at this job.

Sadly I didnt get it. They have just phoned to tell me (after a nail biting hours wait by the 'phone). The feedback was that I did really well in presenting myself and came across as very caring and passionate about the children and their welfare/development, but after alot of deliberation decided that the other candidate had more experience than myself in Nursery Education.

I actually feel quite up about it even though I didnt get the job. The nursery where I am working will be so pleased to hear this as they are really up for me to stay with them, and I now know that I have fully regained my confidence and can get through an interview without being subservient or looking like I am begging LOL. The best bit was when I asked should another similar vacancy become available should I apply and she said please yes do!

The other news is that hubby, on a suggestion from me, is to have a BBQ for his 50th birthday. I was expecting just a small family affair but made the mistake of saying he could invite whoever he wanted. He then spent three hours on the phone and internet tracking down people he hasnt spoken to for nigh on 20 years and ...they all want to come!!! I just pray the weather is good because I have no hope of squeezing them all in the house. Still the look on his face as he made contact with these lost friends was priceless, and meeting up again after all these years will be worth the effort and cost I am sure.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter bank holiday

We dont celebrate Easter as much as we do Christmas in our family but we do try to get together as a family over the weekend so this is probably the first year we didnt all manage to be together in the same place at the same time.

Friday Martin had to work so, having worked 2 days myself that week, so I had promised to go and help Laura and Wayne at the house. A break down in communication meant that they werent there when I turned up (they thought I was going food shopping, and had gone to sort out Currys and their fridge/freezer. So I came back home, pricked out some seedlings, painted a bit more of the garden furniture, and went to buy a few bits and bats only to get a phone call from them just as I was tucking into my hot cross bun lunch!

Anyway I spent the rest of the day putting dutch oil on all the doors in their house, exhausting myself in the process.

Saturday and a fortnight's worth of housework needed doing. I was only going to hoover Laura's room but as this meant hanging up all the clothes on the floor I ended up gutting the whole room! So again a very tired me, and we were going out for a meal with our friends that evening too.

I had suggested we go up on the Kent Downs to a pub which was, in the past, very popular with a great atmosphere, fab out of this world food and a brilliant landlord but sadly it had changed hands and was only a shadow of its former self. The meal was ok, but the put was empty with no ambience at all, so not worth the 40 min drive to get there and such a dissapointment.

Sunday morning Martin went off to play golf and I got a chance to have a go at the Design Collective lessons using paper this time. I still have no scanner so I cant upload the results (I'm hopeless with the camera and LOs) Then our only family moment, a lovley BBQ at Kelly and Ollie's, with my parents. Only Laura and Wayne were off to Southampton to watch the footie so they were missing. Scrummy food though and really squiddy home made brownies!! We did come home to find a few easter eggs from Laura and a thankyou post-it for doing her room though. Ahh Bless.

And today - Easter monday, and the traditional pub meal and walk in the woods. (Although it was more pub than woods but a pleasant way to spend a sunny bank holiday monday). Shame its back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I am so excited about the Design Collective classes. This week we were emailed our first 3 classes plus a bonus class and every single one is just so inspiring. I have actually been and done some paper scrapping - something I hadnt felt like doing for ages and ages!! Not only that I used quite a lot of my stash that has sat collecting dust for a few years as it has gone out of 'fashion'.

Its not quite ready yet but while the glue was drying I attempted to do Kirsty's class as a digi version.OK I couldnt use the technique because that involved eyelets but I have used it as a sketch (sort of) and I am really pleased with it.

The only thing is I am really stuck for a title so if anyone can come up with a better one I would be more than grateful for the suggestions.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Still about

I have not abandoned my blog - I just haven't really had much of note to write about. And I haven't done much in the way of scrapping either. BUT today my DC classes arrived and as soon as Friday comes and I have a bit of time I am chomping at the bit to get started on them. They are awesome.

Here is a digi I did last night though.

PP and scrolls are from Miss Mint Spring Kit and the rest are brushes I have played about with.