Saturday, April 21, 2007


I really miss not having a scanner. I have done 2 LO's for my DD's wedding album, covered a Boots album ready to put them in (I cant do any more as I am waiting for more cardstock to come), made a cd box for my DC pdf files and 20 invite cards for DH's birthday. None of which I can share because try as I might I just cant seem to get decent photos of any of them. Neither can I get a photo of the pen box I have made using the wonderful little triangle boxes Beth kindly sent me to play with. The trouble is I have set my heart on an Epson V1000 because of its high resolution for scanning in my old photos but everywhere is out of stock.
Another letter to tell me I have not been shortlisted for a job came today so despite one Head teacher telling me my application letter was spot on I decided it wasnt working and started again from scratch. I have 10 suitable jobs to apply for so I want to get it right. Someone somewhere must want me!!This meant I have spent most of the delightful sunny day stuck indoors on the computer. Hubby has just completed 3 'days' on nights training his night crew so although he was awake to ensure he sleeps tonight he has only lazed about getting in the way, so despite the house looking like a tip I have not been able to clear it up for fear of upsetting him.
We did take a trip over to the site where the fences have gone up - what a difference it makes to see the two plots properly divided off. The plumber has also been in to put all the toilets and basins in. Its one mad rush now to get it finished in two weeks so that the kids can collect their doggy and have a home for it.
Laura and Wayne went up to see the little Bailey puppy yesterday (which is so sweet so I am told and the best of the 8 strong litter) only to break down at the very top of the Dartford bridge crossing!! Apparently Laura was driving and the clutch went. Luckily it was stop start traffic so even though they were in the outermost lane they were not in any real danger and the services soon came and towed them off for the AA to repair and send them on their way.

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