Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter bank holiday

We dont celebrate Easter as much as we do Christmas in our family but we do try to get together as a family over the weekend so this is probably the first year we didnt all manage to be together in the same place at the same time.

Friday Martin had to work so, having worked 2 days myself that week, so I had promised to go and help Laura and Wayne at the house. A break down in communication meant that they werent there when I turned up (they thought I was going food shopping, and had gone to sort out Currys and their fridge/freezer. So I came back home, pricked out some seedlings, painted a bit more of the garden furniture, and went to buy a few bits and bats only to get a phone call from them just as I was tucking into my hot cross bun lunch!

Anyway I spent the rest of the day putting dutch oil on all the doors in their house, exhausting myself in the process.

Saturday and a fortnight's worth of housework needed doing. I was only going to hoover Laura's room but as this meant hanging up all the clothes on the floor I ended up gutting the whole room! So again a very tired me, and we were going out for a meal with our friends that evening too.

I had suggested we go up on the Kent Downs to a pub which was, in the past, very popular with a great atmosphere, fab out of this world food and a brilliant landlord but sadly it had changed hands and was only a shadow of its former self. The meal was ok, but the put was empty with no ambience at all, so not worth the 40 min drive to get there and such a dissapointment.

Sunday morning Martin went off to play golf and I got a chance to have a go at the Design Collective lessons using paper this time. I still have no scanner so I cant upload the results (I'm hopeless with the camera and LOs) Then our only family moment, a lovley BBQ at Kelly and Ollie's, with my parents. Only Laura and Wayne were off to Southampton to watch the footie so they were missing. Scrummy food though and really squiddy home made brownies!! We did come home to find a few easter eggs from Laura and a thankyou post-it for doing her room though. Ahh Bless.

And today - Easter monday, and the traditional pub meal and walk in the woods. (Although it was more pub than woods but a pleasant way to spend a sunny bank holiday monday). Shame its back to work tomorrow.

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