Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Job interview

Today I went for a job interview as an advisory teacher to the pre-schools. I really wanted it and thought I had all the right qualifications and experience. I was feeling very confident and tried really hard to sell myself. I really wanted a shot at this job.

Sadly I didnt get it. They have just phoned to tell me (after a nail biting hours wait by the 'phone). The feedback was that I did really well in presenting myself and came across as very caring and passionate about the children and their welfare/development, but after alot of deliberation decided that the other candidate had more experience than myself in Nursery Education.

I actually feel quite up about it even though I didnt get the job. The nursery where I am working will be so pleased to hear this as they are really up for me to stay with them, and I now know that I have fully regained my confidence and can get through an interview without being subservient or looking like I am begging LOL. The best bit was when I asked should another similar vacancy become available should I apply and she said please yes do!

The other news is that hubby, on a suggestion from me, is to have a BBQ for his 50th birthday. I was expecting just a small family affair but made the mistake of saying he could invite whoever he wanted. He then spent three hours on the phone and internet tracking down people he hasnt spoken to for nigh on 20 years and ...they all want to come!!! I just pray the weather is good because I have no hope of squeezing them all in the house. Still the look on his face as he made contact with these lost friends was priceless, and meeting up again after all these years will be worth the effort and cost I am sure.

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