Friday, April 27, 2007

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit rabbit

We have a bit of a rabbit problem at Nursery. Not the chatting, Chas and Dave stuff but the cutsie fluffy hopping kritters.

On monday the staff uncovered the tarpaulin off the sand pit (it had been covered for the winter) only to discover a family of Mr and Mrs Bunny and all the little baby bunnies had made a real live burrow in it! So the sand pit is out of bounds until they can think what to do. Lets hope Ofsted dont come aknockin as I am not sure which curriculum target we will be failing on for that one.

Then today as I took the children back to the classroom from lunch we saw a wee little ball of grey fur dissappear into the covered area outside the classroom door where there is storage of the larger toys. It was a little babe bunny but it was so frightened it buried itself amongst the toy boxes and refused to move. In the end we had to get the Deputy Manager to chase it out and back to its home.

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