Sunday, April 29, 2007

More from UKS CC

This class was by Shimelle and is so quick and simple but brilliant for the wedding photos. I have done this as a digi but I have also done a double page spread as a paper version to put into the album. Sadly STILL no scanners at PC World. Curry's had just the one I want, and on offer, on the shelf. But not in stock apparently - and the assistant I asked had to be the most unhelpful I have ever come across. These places no longer keep stock 'out the back' but on the shelves below the ones on show. So when I could plainly see there were none there I was pretty sure they were not in stock. Hubby asked the assistant anyway who looked, muttered 'none in stock' and walked over to where their own make, at a quarter the price, and obviously far inferior to the one I wanted was. 'I want a higher dpi spec than that one' I said, so he just walked off!!

Still I never learn, last time I went in the same self store they had just moved into the new premises and when I asked where a certain item was located I was told 'I've just put them out somewhere but blowed if I can remember where' and he walked off too.

So back to the cybercrop. I got into a bit of a strope when one of the class threads got a bit nasty because the class designer (the lovely Jean) had omitted to upload a template. I wont go into details but suffice to say I got on my high horse a bit and really went off in one on her thread so Jean if you are reading this - I sincerely apologise. However despite the hype and all the other things I dont like about the UKS cybercrop there are some fab classes over there this time round. I havnt bothered with anything else, as I cant accept the way things are done and the unfairness of alot of it, the fighting for points and the time spans so I have just done a few classes at my own leisure. If you do get chance pop over and take a look at them, some great designers, lovely ideas and some new techniques.

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Beth said...

that is a fab LO and she looks so lovely

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