Tuesday, May 01, 2007

50th birthday bash

Martin will be 50 on Thursday. About three weeks ago I suggested he have a BBQ this Saturdayto celebrate, he could ask whoever he wanted. He was in ectasy as we scoured the net and phone and got in touch with people he hadnt talked to for 16 years.

As a bloke though he did all his invites really casually over the mobile and didnt confirm who exactly was coming so I made him a whole batch of invites and got him to send them out. Of course he doesnt have a vast social circle so I wasnt expecting many to be coming. Many of those he did invite are partnerless so again the blokey chap response, not proper RSVP's but a quick text or phone message. Hopeless, I still had no idea of numbers.

This morning, my only day off this week, I finally sat him down and made a guest list. Turns out 32 people have agreed to come with 6 more not yet replied!!!!!! Not only that but two guys I have never met are coming down from Wales on Friday and will need putting up for two nights!!!!!!!!

So panic stations ensue - of course Martin is still being really laid back, 'Oh yes we can do the clearing up and cleaning later in the week' 'I'll mow the lawn near the day' etc. Flip! What are guys like???

So I had to set about clearing and cleaning the conservatory and then move most of my craft stuff from the spare room into our room so that Martin could get the single beds out of the attic and put them up. Of course we dont have any bedding so I am going to have to borrow that from my mum, and we dont have enough chairs for the garden so Martin must make a trip to B&Q to buy some cheap garden furniture, and we will have to have paper plates and stuff because I dont have enough crockery.

Blokes! Who'd have 'em. He seems to think everything is just going to magically be sorted on its own. Looks like I have some exhausting evenings ahead of me getting everything sorted. And there was me thinking he only had two mates LOL

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