Monday, May 28, 2007

And the bride

The bride looked rather special too. (And looking at that photo I have just realised how like Prince Charles her dad looks!!)

The happy couple are wonderful youngsters, with the most fantastic personalities both of them. So I was saddened to discover that after the wonderful time we had had at the church the reception was frought with family rows and the poor bride ended up in tears a few times.
Still the actual ceremony was magical. The brides little babe walked ahead of the 4 bridesmaids in his own 'car' baby walker (he is not yet a year old bless), and looked so cute. Sadly not allowed to take flash photography in the church I didnt get a shot of him.
It all took place in a small village church so it was really cosy, and something I really liked, the bride and groom stood facing each other - sideways on to the congregation so we saw their faces all through the proceedings. Much better than spending your time waiting to see if the groom has removed the price label from the bottom of his shoes as you stare at the couples backs.
And then that bit you all dread happening at your wedding, the vicar getting your names wrong. And this vicar did!!! He had accidently filled in his scripts with the groom's middle name and asked if someone called John would marry Helen (grooms name is Alan). Obviously this caused some confusion and then bouts of laughter as we all realised what the poor master of the church had done, but five minutes later he asked Helen if she would repeat her vows to 'John'. To peals of laughter the poor bloke walked away and did a few stretching excersizes while Alan and Helen offered to go out and come back in to start all over. Wonderful stuff!!

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