Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blogger in the family

It would seem my eldest daughter has started a blog of her own, prompted by the fact I forgot to tell her about my interview and she had to read about it on my blog. She says its to remind her of things and also so that her and I can put things on it and then it wont matter so much if we forget to grab a phone and tell each other stuff.

So no pressure on me to keep my blog up to date then LOL

Well actually I have been a bit lax in blogging of late so I guess it wont hurt to have another reason to get on here typing.

Yesterday Wayne finally managed to install a new computer for my dad. His last one (a Time machine) was over five years old and in all that time dad had never done a defrag or a complete virus scan or a reset. He had installed/uninstalled/installed numerous times numerous bits of dodgy software, (I alone had reinstalled zonearlarm 4 times for him because he kept taking it off saying it 'messed up his computer'. Of course then he wondered why it had got to the stage where booting it up took nearly an hour????!!!! I had attempted to reset to factory settings for him but Time, who no longer exist, had given him a blank disc instead of a restore with files on it. Research showed this was a common Time scam as you had to pay an extra £60 to them to get another disc. So we had to assign his pc to the techno playground in the sky and he now has a shiny all singing all dancing Dell machine. With very strict instructions (which I am sure he will ignore) on how to keep it shiny all singing all dancing.

Today Kelly's bessie mate is getting married and Kelly is the Maid of Honour so Mum Dad and I are off to the church to bless the happy couple with a few handfuls of paper roses and a few tears. Sorry but looks like more wedding photos to share with you all. Tee Hee. Oh come on there's nothing like a good wedding.

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