Sunday, May 13, 2007

A few more wedding album LO's

I used a DC class as inspiration for these two but couldnt do the class as it stood as it needed clear packing case tape which I havent been able to get hold of. So instead I used some brushes and photoshop to make some home made rub ons for all the doodly type flourishes.

This week another interview and again I am told I am 'brilliant' but dont have enough Nursery experience - so why interview me I ask myself. After all they can read a CV?? Anyway I havent had chance to feel that miserable about it as I have had a splitting headache for 4 days and all I have done really is sleep.

On the other hand our new member, Bailey, is not doing as much sleeping as I thought he would but he is really good, almost house trained, only chewing his toys and went off to have his injections as good as gold. I am dog sitting today though as Wayne is enjoying another trip to the hospital thinking he may have broken his fingers again playing cricket yesterday.

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