Sunday, September 17, 2006

We Digi-dare Ya challenge #3

Used a Jen Capulo template.Colleen Lynch kit Sweetpea papers. Book image downloaded from internet.
Book quote a play on children's nursery rhyme book 'The house that Jack built'

Photos of the house my youngest daughter and her other half are self-building together.

So all sorts of stuff blew up on UKS this week and lots of people got hurt, which I am really sorry for. Its just not the place I joined 3 years ago and I hardly visit now but I do use the gallery so that I can link back to it for all these wonderful challenges. There is a lot I could gripe on here about the place, but I'm not going to, lots of others have blogged about it so much better than I have.
What I am fed up with is the limit on the gallery. I am sure no other forum puts up such a piddly small limit. Yes I know there are a hell of a lot of members and I know about bandwidth and all that stuff, but I am so fed up of having to keep taking something out every time I want to upload something. I'm even more fed up when I forget and having written all my credits and explanations I just get that blasted blue screen telling me I have used up my limit.
This week I am putting my LO on my blog - next week I may try actually using my 2peas gallery (had it 2 years and never used it LOL). One place it probably wont be going is UKS ..... and who's lose is that!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Firefox or internet explorer?

I've been having real problems with Internet Explorer lately, freezing and shutting down on me, despite doing umpteen virus scans and spyware checks. So I have given in and installed Firefox, which now that I have got used to it I love. Sadly it doesnt seem to love Blogger so everytime I have come on here it has crashed. I've had to go back to IE to get back in here, which is going to be a bit of a pain. Anyone else have the same problems?

Mind you not that there has been much to update on. Its been a quiet week so far. Its strange but I realised today, this is the first time I have ever been off work or away from education without a reason. When I first left school I was at home but only because the date I was due to start work was later than my school leaving date. After that I worked right up until my maternity leave started. Then a SAHM until I went to uni to do my degree as a mature student. OK there were a few weeks between leaving uni and starting teaching because school didnt start until September but even then I was familiarising myself with the computer system and the policies before taking up my class. I can find plenty of things to fill the day (housework, reading, scrapping) but the truth is I feel so guilty that I cant settle to anything. I wonder too if that is a normal reaction or residue from the anxiety?

Mum and Dad are booked on one of the Sun Newspaper offers to go to Butlins next week so I am housesitting and looking after their dog. I had to go visit today to be shown how to give the poor animal all his medication as he suffers from really bad eczma. Of course Dad showed me for the zillion and one time how to feed the fish and water the green house plants LOL Bless! They had been wanting to go abroad with their friends on holiday but with my Mum still waiting on the hospital tests to find out if she has angina they had assumed they wouldnt get medical insurance. Of course I had to open my mouth and go and tell them to check with the insurance co and the doc's. Good news is she DOESN'T have anything wrong with her, bad news, they have now booked to go with their friends and I shall be dog sitting in 3 weeks time too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Duck herding

Gosh not blogged for 5 days, I shall have Clare telling me off.

And such a lot happening, I really should have been keeping up to date.

Saturday I went to the Kent Autumn Garden show with my parents. There really wasn't alot there to see for the £5 entrance fee, although mum did get some of that powder stuff you can mix with yoghert to make some scrummy dips. What did happen though was that when we sent mum off to buy a round of hot drinking choc, although she managed to juggle three poly cups full of steaming hot liquid safely back to the table on her own, the wind caught her cup and tipped the whole lot over her white tee and down her skirt through to the lining.

Saturday was also my eldest baby's 25th birthday although she was out all day with her other half so I didn't get to see her on the actual day. Its strange how you forget all the pain of the birth but can remember other details that happened at the time of birth so vividly. She supprised us 10 days early so hubby had been out on a bit of a pub crawl with his footie mates. When he got back and the ambulance rushed me off to the hospital they put me next to a room with a very drippy leaky pipe. Not somewhere someone who had just consumed several pints of beer really wants to be.

Sunday hubby and I went to Challock Goose Fair. We had never been before although apparently it is a huge event with over 1400 visitors every year. I'm not surprised. It was really good, took me right back to my school fates back in the late '60's early 70's. Sadly we missed the dog show but the bit I really enjoyed most was the 'duck herding'.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life's little nuffin's

Thats about all thats been happening these last two days. Hubby 's day off yesterday so the day (which was very warm - back up into the 29/30's) was spent giving the garden the rest of the good hack back ready for the winter I started the day before. It really had gone made with all the rain we have had through glorious August.

Weighed in at my daughters. We got fed up with Weight watchers as we reckoned we could do a little mini family club. Its not really working for me but my mum has managed to loose a stone since we started so its worth it for that. Then we came home via the church she has booked for the wedding so I could have a looksie. Very picturist if you ignore the barbed wire on the building beside it.

Today I helped my youngest daughter finish off her scrapbook for her other half. I got the job of sorting out and printing the photos off while she wrecked havoc in the scrap room and used up all my stash supplies. Not that I mind, as I think she has enjoyed doing it.

Then this evening I went to the launch of the new Body Shop range of make up and ended up buying all the wedding make up for my daughter as a slightly early birthday present. Still we got a 20% discount and lots of freebies so it was well worth going along.

So besides all the housework, paperwork, shopping and paying bills, just two days full of the things that make life trundle along.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Same template - different place

I feel slightly that I have something to proove about these digi templates having opened my big mouth about them. So same template as yesterday, except I rotated the canvas, stretched the photo really big and then overlaid it so it was in two parts of the template. I didnt use a kit either this time, just changed the colours of a few backgrounds to make my own paper. The ghost letters are from the same kit as yesterday though, and the label is from K Teague vacation kit.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Digi templates

I've been trying to explain to some of the girls on the Padders forum what a digital template is and how it works. This LO was done using a template I got in my kit for taking part in the first challenge on We Digidare Ya. There's a link to the site in the sidebar, if you are into digi scrapping then this is a fab site, well worth a visit. I like working in digi as it means I can scrap while keeping up with the forums. When I paper scrap I am in a different room to the computer. I can't wait for Sky to get sorted in my area so that I can go wireless because I still like paper and glue best. There's nothing like making a mess all over the floor!

So my parents came over for a quick coffee today. Dad has just bought himself a new big greenhouse so he is going to give me his old one which is really tiny but ok for me to pot up a few plants and seeds. We looked round my garden to see where it might be housed, but the place was rather overgrown so when he left I got out there to hack back brambles and rambling roses. Then I thought I would attack the reeds in the pond which have rather taken over and the poor fish have virtually no where left to swim which isn't filled with roots already. I used the hedge shears and was gaily chopping away when I looked up to see the cat's head just between where I was about to close the shears!!!! One nearly decapitated cat!!!! Since after that he refused to stop following the shears around so that was the end of that gardening session. The fish are going to just have to take their chances.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photoshop ..wayyyhayy!!!

Look what I have learnt to do in Photoshop! It really is worth getting to grips with this wonderful bit of software!!

Original photo of hubby and I on holiday last year - way too much table (and olive oil bottle) intrusive background and us too far back in photo.
And after a play.... I can't wait to go scrap this now and yet I hated the original.

If that wasn't enough I have spent the whole morning digi scrapping and this is my entry for the first dare on http://

K Teague Vacation kit

Anne Langpan July kit

Miss Mint HoneydewLemon kit

Ink edges by Nancie Rowe Janitz

Friday, September 01, 2006


Gosh its about time we had something to celebrate - my eldest daughter has just phoned. She has got through an interveiw for a transfer within her firm and instead of a crappy dead end bit of a job as an insurance claims person she is going to be trained up as an accountant!!! With a substancial pay rise, perks, and a proper career structure!! Only downside is that it is in London and she is going to have to commute.

AND... they saw the vicar on Wednesday and have booked the date for the wedding. So now I have 6 months to loose 2 stone and find a Mother-of-the-Bride outfit.

I went down to the local craft shop to spend the vouchers the school gave me as a leaving present. I think they must be running their stock down as there was very little I could find to buy. I really wanted to get lots of stamps with them but they didnt have anywhere near the selection they used to have. I ended up saving half the vouchers and just getting a set of Woodware clear stamps (the retro boarders) and a jumbo circle punch. I'm hoping that closer to christmas they will have more in stock.