Sunday, September 17, 2006

We Digi-dare Ya challenge #3

Used a Jen Capulo template.Colleen Lynch kit Sweetpea papers. Book image downloaded from internet.
Book quote a play on children's nursery rhyme book 'The house that Jack built'

Photos of the house my youngest daughter and her other half are self-building together.

So all sorts of stuff blew up on UKS this week and lots of people got hurt, which I am really sorry for. Its just not the place I joined 3 years ago and I hardly visit now but I do use the gallery so that I can link back to it for all these wonderful challenges. There is a lot I could gripe on here about the place, but I'm not going to, lots of others have blogged about it so much better than I have.
What I am fed up with is the limit on the gallery. I am sure no other forum puts up such a piddly small limit. Yes I know there are a hell of a lot of members and I know about bandwidth and all that stuff, but I am so fed up of having to keep taking something out every time I want to upload something. I'm even more fed up when I forget and having written all my credits and explanations I just get that blasted blue screen telling me I have used up my limit.
This week I am putting my LO on my blog - next week I may try actually using my 2peas gallery (had it 2 years and never used it LOL). One place it probably wont be going is UKS ..... and who's lose is that!!!

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Cindy said...

Beautiful layout! Thank you for taking the dare!