Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life's little nuffin's

Thats about all thats been happening these last two days. Hubby 's day off yesterday so the day (which was very warm - back up into the 29/30's) was spent giving the garden the rest of the good hack back ready for the winter I started the day before. It really had gone made with all the rain we have had through glorious August.

Weighed in at my daughters. We got fed up with Weight watchers as we reckoned we could do a little mini family club. Its not really working for me but my mum has managed to loose a stone since we started so its worth it for that. Then we came home via the church she has booked for the wedding so I could have a looksie. Very picturist if you ignore the barbed wire on the building beside it.

Today I helped my youngest daughter finish off her scrapbook for her other half. I got the job of sorting out and printing the photos off while she wrecked havoc in the scrap room and used up all my stash supplies. Not that I mind, as I think she has enjoyed doing it.

Then this evening I went to the launch of the new Body Shop range of make up and ended up buying all the wedding make up for my daughter as a slightly early birthday present. Still we got a 20% discount and lots of freebies so it was well worth going along.

So besides all the housework, paperwork, shopping and paying bills, just two days full of the things that make life trundle along.

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