Friday, September 15, 2006

Firefox or internet explorer?

I've been having real problems with Internet Explorer lately, freezing and shutting down on me, despite doing umpteen virus scans and spyware checks. So I have given in and installed Firefox, which now that I have got used to it I love. Sadly it doesnt seem to love Blogger so everytime I have come on here it has crashed. I've had to go back to IE to get back in here, which is going to be a bit of a pain. Anyone else have the same problems?

Mind you not that there has been much to update on. Its been a quiet week so far. Its strange but I realised today, this is the first time I have ever been off work or away from education without a reason. When I first left school I was at home but only because the date I was due to start work was later than my school leaving date. After that I worked right up until my maternity leave started. Then a SAHM until I went to uni to do my degree as a mature student. OK there were a few weeks between leaving uni and starting teaching because school didnt start until September but even then I was familiarising myself with the computer system and the policies before taking up my class. I can find plenty of things to fill the day (housework, reading, scrapping) but the truth is I feel so guilty that I cant settle to anything. I wonder too if that is a normal reaction or residue from the anxiety?

Mum and Dad are booked on one of the Sun Newspaper offers to go to Butlins next week so I am housesitting and looking after their dog. I had to go visit today to be shown how to give the poor animal all his medication as he suffers from really bad eczma. Of course Dad showed me for the zillion and one time how to feed the fish and water the green house plants LOL Bless! They had been wanting to go abroad with their friends on holiday but with my Mum still waiting on the hospital tests to find out if she has angina they had assumed they wouldnt get medical insurance. Of course I had to open my mouth and go and tell them to check with the insurance co and the doc's. Good news is she DOESN'T have anything wrong with her, bad news, they have now booked to go with their friends and I shall be dog sitting in 3 weeks time too.

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Clare said...

I have firefox and it works 100 times better on every site including blogger for me - there are add ons you can download, might be worth having a look through and see if you need some extra bits for blog type code? Id offer to help but I dont actually have the faintest idea where to start as the resident firefox expert here did mine for me (ie Jamie!!) LOL