Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photoshop ..wayyyhayy!!!

Look what I have learnt to do in Photoshop! It really is worth getting to grips with this wonderful bit of software!!

Original photo of hubby and I on holiday last year - way too much table (and olive oil bottle) intrusive background and us too far back in photo.
And after a play.... I can't wait to go scrap this now and yet I hated the original.

If that wasn't enough I have spent the whole morning digi scrapping and this is my entry for the first dare on http://

K Teague Vacation kit

Anne Langpan July kit

Miss Mint HoneydewLemon kit

Ink edges by Nancie Rowe Janitz


Boo said...

Oh Yizz, I love it ... wow it's just like a charcoal sketch.
Boo xxxx

Boo said...

I've just remembered that paperbag book I did for Joy's Calum .. I experimented with all those different PS techniques. Boo xxx