Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Duck herding

Gosh not blogged for 5 days, I shall have Clare telling me off.

And such a lot happening, I really should have been keeping up to date.

Saturday I went to the Kent Autumn Garden show with my parents. There really wasn't alot there to see for the £5 entrance fee, although mum did get some of that powder stuff you can mix with yoghert to make some scrummy dips. What did happen though was that when we sent mum off to buy a round of hot drinking choc, although she managed to juggle three poly cups full of steaming hot liquid safely back to the table on her own, the wind caught her cup and tipped the whole lot over her white tee and down her skirt through to the lining.

Saturday was also my eldest baby's 25th birthday although she was out all day with her other half so I didn't get to see her on the actual day. Its strange how you forget all the pain of the birth but can remember other details that happened at the time of birth so vividly. She supprised us 10 days early so hubby had been out on a bit of a pub crawl with his footie mates. When he got back and the ambulance rushed me off to the hospital they put me next to a room with a very drippy leaky pipe. Not somewhere someone who had just consumed several pints of beer really wants to be.

Sunday hubby and I went to Challock Goose Fair. We had never been before although apparently it is a huge event with over 1400 visitors every year. I'm not surprised. It was really good, took me right back to my school fates back in the late '60's early 70's. Sadly we missed the dog show but the bit I really enjoyed most was the 'duck herding'.

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Suzanne said...

Oh I should get the kids to more of the country fairs, missed the boat for this year though I think!

Loving that picture too!