Friday, September 01, 2006


Gosh its about time we had something to celebrate - my eldest daughter has just phoned. She has got through an interveiw for a transfer within her firm and instead of a crappy dead end bit of a job as an insurance claims person she is going to be trained up as an accountant!!! With a substancial pay rise, perks, and a proper career structure!! Only downside is that it is in London and she is going to have to commute.

AND... they saw the vicar on Wednesday and have booked the date for the wedding. So now I have 6 months to loose 2 stone and find a Mother-of-the-Bride outfit.

I went down to the local craft shop to spend the vouchers the school gave me as a leaving present. I think they must be running their stock down as there was very little I could find to buy. I really wanted to get lots of stamps with them but they didnt have anywhere near the selection they used to have. I ended up saving half the vouchers and just getting a set of Woodware clear stamps (the retro boarders) and a jumbo circle punch. I'm hoping that closer to christmas they will have more in stock.


lyzzydee said...

Well good news indeed all around, just have to get a you a new job and you will be set!! Hugs

Sue said...

wonderful news hun :)

Kirsty said...

i completely love good news - you deserve it darling xx

Clare said...

woohoo Yizz! great news - pleased for her - and bet you are excited about the wedding! think of all those piccies to scrap! LOL

lemon said...

fantastic news yizz