Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reality check

It seems so long ago since I handed in my resignation and I have come to terms with the fact that right now I am not actually teaching and dont have a job to go back to next month, but the true reality check came yesterday with my P45. So thats it, 11 years of loyal service finished in a wimper not a bang.
The government keep on that there is a shortage of teachers - well I would like to know where because right now there are literally NO jobs being advertised in Kent and in London (which at a real push I could commute to) they only seem to want supply or temps. So whats wrong with supply? Well you only get classed as part time so you don't get all the benifits of being employed full time, plus no one has any obligation to 'develop' you or keep you trained in up to date initiatives.

Yesterday, finally, my daughter managed to buy a dress that she actually likes, and that fits and that is suitable to wear to the wedding she is invited to this weekend. Its taken nearly 10 months of looking and we have traipsed through countless shops in countless shopping centres. She is a geogeous shape, a perfect size 8 and really is not THAT fussy, and I know I am probably becoming a bit of an old fuddy duddy but honestly! The rubbish designers are putting out on the shelves these days. Its practically impossible to buy that 'little black dress' anymore. Everthing is either huge flowers on strange coloured backgrounds, or cut to a shape impossible to wear or made from material more suited to covering your sofa with. At least we have a bit more time to find something for her to wear to the annual Dinner and Dance at the Cricket club. Lets hope the designers come to their senses for the Christmas party dresses.

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