Saturday, August 26, 2006

BBQ and patio heater.

Not really done much just general chores kinda stuff.

Hubby got signed back to work as of Monday, but there wasnt any more doctors appointments left for me so I have to go see him on Tuesday.

Yesterday my youngest daughter wanted to make a scrapbook for her boyfriend to put all her cinema stuff in and concert tickets etc since him and her have been an item so I set her up in my scrap room, gave her carte blanc to use anything she liked and left her to it. She made a half decent job of it too, although she didnt make much of a job of clearing up so I had to do that. Mind you that was partly because her boyfriend gave us all a bit of a scare by being 3 hours late home from work and not contacting anyone so there were a few tears before bedtime.

Our eldest decided to invite herself and her other half round for dinner so hubby decided a BBQ was in order. It ended up with 8 of us, my mum and dad and our best mates. Then having eaten they all decided they were tired and cleared off home. We have just spent a couple of hours sitting outside chatting to our best mates and using the BBQ as a patio log burner. We needed it, the temperature dropped to 15 degrees, pretty poor for August.


jake said...

yeah, I think we've had our last barbie this year too - shame, I love being out in the garden even if we are all huddled round the chimneria! lol!

jk xx

Sue said...

apart from the clearing up..sounds like a great time. :)