Saturday, August 19, 2006

V Festival

So day two of painful back. At least I can move from the bed to the computer desk ...slowly! I think hubby is getting a little bit fed up with me, he's downstairs now trying to work out how to make a banana sandwich. I don't think men have the concept of comfort eating. LOL

Eldest daughter and her fiance have gone to the V Festival this weekend. I can't find a live feed on the net but I have been texting her and so far the fun has involved four hours in a traffic jam, lugging tents across 6 miles to the pitch and apparently now it is raining as they stand in front of the V stage waiting for some guy they have never heard of to come on. I THINK they are having a good time????

Update on V - I have just had a phone photo of a really really muddy field and a message to say the tent leaks!!! Yes they are still having fun!

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