Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And today will bring....

...nothing in the post because even though I saw the post about the cheapo Ellison dies, I didn't bother to order as I really thought they wouldn't honnor them and I worried about finding £25. How stupid is that? I am really kicking myself now and just hoping some kind person will have ordered two sets and be willing to sell me one????

The Social Worker came yesterday for the initial visit to discuss our application to become Foster Carers. She is going to recommend us to go forward although she had some reservations because of us both having been off work with stress. Apparently this is ok if you have not had medication or therapy but if you have they wont touch you for a year. Now this seems a bit odd to me because surely if you have gone back to work having HAD councelling you are going to be far better equipped to deal with stress than if you have not had councelling?? Anyhow now we have to wait for the medicals.

Oh and the back? Well its strange but it went from 'absolute agony, cant move without loosing my breath and having to be bent over double' to ' yeah thats ok'. So I am now off to Bluewater with youngest daughter to help her buy something to wear to a wedding.


Sue said...

Good luck with the medical Yizz..
I am another nit that didn't order ( or even look!!)at the dies..mind you i am still besotted with the craft robo.

Suzanne said...

Glad to hear your back is better Yizz. Hope you had a good day shopping.

And I agree .... very strange about the stress/treatment thing. Surely if you're actively having help that is a good thing?