Sunday, August 27, 2006


Ok I guess its probably a generation thing or maybe being born and bred for most of my formative years in a village but I just love village cricket. I can't actually stand the game you understand, its so slow and borring (and its not because I dont understand it, I do, I used to get collared to be the scorer when hubby played in his younger days). I think its the whole 'Darling Buds of May' thing, lazy summer afternoons, the sound of leather on willow etc etc.
Anyway my youngest daughter's fella plays for the local cricket club, she does the teas, helps run the bar and is social secretary. Today she invited us up to watch an annual event, a friendly against a team from London - mostly West Africans - play. The Londoners make a day of it, hiring a coach, sending the rest of the family down the coast for a day on the beach, picnics, the whole shooting match. It wasn't quite the 'birds singing' 'sun shining' 'oh well played' afternoon you would expect as Bob Marley blared out across the pitch and those wonderful West African accents shouted out encouragingly with that wonderful humour these people have, but it was a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon.

My eldest daughter spent the day at Southampton being given the grand tour of the Queen Mary 2 (she has just emailed me some fab photos). One of the blokes her and her fiance went to school with works onboard doind something to help run the engines (don't ask me what he officially does, no idea) so they were finally invited for a look see. Lucky girl eh? Mind you its a lot to walk round, especially if you are told that in the interests of helping out the guy in the party who had the hang over you are not going to use the lifts. So she has achey little leggies this evening.

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Suzanne said...

love the music, very mellow and takes me back some years too (okay more years than I wish but hey ho!)

I didn't recognise many of the names on the streaming site either Yizz ...