Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I know a secret

and it starts in June. You can read all about it and sign up here

And I have finally finished another LO -

its a scraplift of a LO that Vanessa Matthews published in the Feb 2007 SI mag as a lesson on beading techniques. I would have included the beading but just as I opened my bead box my cat jumped on it, and I still have to find all the beads yet. I was beginning to get the feeling this LO wasnt to be. Still I am pleased with the result. Guess what? Its another for the wedding album, this time featuring my other Daughter and her fella, still using the Chatterbox powder room papers, prima flowers, Bazille buttons, home made chipboard heart using MM template, and clear stamps from The Paper Mill (Studio g)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We have a winner!

I am stunned because my bottle photo has been chosen as one of the top 5 photos for this week's module on Cheryl's photography course. Wow!

I have had a headache all day and managed to fall asleep until 1.30 this afternoon. So much for all the things I was going to do on my day off.

Monday, May 28, 2007

And the bride

The bride looked rather special too. (And looking at that photo I have just realised how like Prince Charles her dad looks!!)

The happy couple are wonderful youngsters, with the most fantastic personalities both of them. So I was saddened to discover that after the wonderful time we had had at the church the reception was frought with family rows and the poor bride ended up in tears a few times.
Still the actual ceremony was magical. The brides little babe walked ahead of the 4 bridesmaids in his own 'car' baby walker (he is not yet a year old bless), and looked so cute. Sadly not allowed to take flash photography in the church I didnt get a shot of him.
It all took place in a small village church so it was really cosy, and something I really liked, the bride and groom stood facing each other - sideways on to the congregation so we saw their faces all through the proceedings. Much better than spending your time waiting to see if the groom has removed the price label from the bottom of his shoes as you stare at the couples backs.
And then that bit you all dread happening at your wedding, the vicar getting your names wrong. And this vicar did!!! He had accidently filled in his scripts with the groom's middle name and asked if someone called John would marry Helen (grooms name is Alan). Obviously this caused some confusion and then bouts of laughter as we all realised what the poor master of the church had done, but five minutes later he asked Helen if she would repeat her vows to 'John'. To peals of laughter the poor bloke walked away and did a few stretching excersizes while Alan and Helen offered to go out and come back in to start all over. Wonderful stuff!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Didn't she look geogeous?

Blogger in the family

It would seem my eldest daughter has started a blog of her own, prompted by the fact I forgot to tell her about my interview and she had to read about it on my blog. She says its to remind her of things and also so that her and I can put things on it and then it wont matter so much if we forget to grab a phone and tell each other stuff.

So no pressure on me to keep my blog up to date then LOL

Well actually I have been a bit lax in blogging of late so I guess it wont hurt to have another reason to get on here typing.

Yesterday Wayne finally managed to install a new computer for my dad. His last one (a Time machine) was over five years old and in all that time dad had never done a defrag or a complete virus scan or a reset. He had installed/uninstalled/installed numerous times numerous bits of dodgy software, (I alone had reinstalled zonearlarm 4 times for him because he kept taking it off saying it 'messed up his computer'. Of course then he wondered why it had got to the stage where booting it up took nearly an hour????!!!! I had attempted to reset to factory settings for him but Time, who no longer exist, had given him a blank disc instead of a restore with files on it. Research showed this was a common Time scam as you had to pay an extra £60 to them to get another disc. So we had to assign his pc to the techno playground in the sky and he now has a shiny all singing all dancing Dell machine. With very strict instructions (which I am sure he will ignore) on how to keep it shiny all singing all dancing.

Today Kelly's bessie mate is getting married and Kelly is the Maid of Honour so Mum Dad and I are off to the church to bless the happy couple with a few handfuls of paper roses and a few tears. Sorry but looks like more wedding photos to share with you all. Tee Hee. Oh come on there's nothing like a good wedding.

Friday, May 25, 2007

So what was the outcome?

Well I thought the interview went ok. I answered all the questions, there were lots of smiles on both sides and nods and scribbled notes on pads. There were things I could have said but forgot and things I might have said different but then there always is afterwards.

So did I get the job?

Who knows? I certainly dont. Because here it is - half past nine and no one from the school has phoned to say if I was successful or not.

This is something that has never happened before, and something I have never heard of happening. So I am somewhat flummoxed but moving on.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One green bottle hanging on the wall

I have has such a rotten cold, I have felt so miserable and tired with it and struggled in to work for little reward. I was also really fed up with this weeks assignment for the photography course as I really didnt understand what I was supposed to be doing. Anyway I finally uploaded this photo and Cheryll thinks it 'rocks', with light, colour and focal point being 'spot on'. Of course its such a shame I have no idea what I actually did to get this photo other than point and click! I'm just glad I got something as I was just getting soooooo grumpy about the whole thing. And I have an interview for Friday so fingers crossed and lots of good vibes for me please.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am signed up for an on line photography course. Hopefully it will get me thinking more about how and when to use my camera.

The first module has been a bit of fun as we have had to take silhoette photos against the light. Easiest done outside but eversince we were given our coursework it has done nort but rain. So there have been some rather inventive photos and some people on the course have been getting up very early (too early in my opinion) to take sunrise photos!!

Anyway here are my attemptsTaken through the bedroom window about an hour before sunset when there was finally a break in the weather.

Shot looking up through my wisteria

Across the back of the gardens - I just liked all the telegraph poles and wires.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A few more wedding album LO's

I used a DC class as inspiration for these two but couldnt do the class as it stood as it needed clear packing case tape which I havent been able to get hold of. So instead I used some brushes and photoshop to make some home made rub ons for all the doodly type flourishes.

This week another interview and again I am told I am 'brilliant' but dont have enough Nursery experience - so why interview me I ask myself. After all they can read a CV?? Anyway I havent had chance to feel that miserable about it as I have had a splitting headache for 4 days and all I have done really is sleep.

On the other hand our new member, Bailey, is not doing as much sleeping as I thought he would but he is really good, almost house trained, only chewing his toys and went off to have his injections as good as gold. I am dog sitting today though as Wayne is enjoying another trip to the hospital thinking he may have broken his fingers again playing cricket yesterday.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A scanner, a scanner ..

I finally have a scanner!!!

*big cheesey grin*

Wow, we have been out spending money, a new Epson photoscanner for me, and lots of goodies from the PaperMill (they have some great scrapping deals on at the moment) plus another controller and game to go with hubby's birthday present (a Wii from all of us) so he can play lots of games while I scrap, and a pair of shoes for him.

Don't you just love wet bank holidays!!! Anyway finally I can upload some of my wedding album LO's and DC classes.

OK scanner is fantastic - my ability to stitch is now a bit rusty, hence the blur. This is my attempt at Karen Miller's class from the DC - lots of fun stitching, hand made heart and HS chipboard letters. The paper is Chatterbox Powder room which I wanted to use through out but I am having difficulty sourcing it so now I have some similar stuff from the Paper Mill for the next efforts. I know I have already used this photo in a digi LO but this is the version I am putting in the paper album.

Partieeee! ..... and a puppy.

Well after all the hard work the BBQ went off really well, despite the cold overcast day. We did have waaaaaay too much food though and the chocie fondue didn't work, but no one seemed to care.

Kelly actually arrived quite early so was around to give me a hand. I had been to Iceland on Thursday so only had to go get beer and salad stuff early Sat morning. Then it was simply a case of slicing, dicing and a little bit of cooking (I made a fabbie raspberry pavlova).

It was really great meeting up with people we hadnt seen for 16 years and finding we still had things in common. One couple have even invited us up to their son's birthday party this coming weekend so hey, things on the social side could be looking up.

One sad bit though was when Martin's brother and wife turned up and we discovered that in January their adopted son had come home to tell them he had testicle cancer. We found it hard to reason why it had taken them 5 months to tell us though, from a family that is supposed to be so close.

There were also about 6 people who said they were coming who didnt turn up which was a dissappointment, but apart from that it was a good day.

There was an awful lot to clear up afterwards though, made even harder by our surprise lodger. OK, yes I am a soft touch but the kids have been knocking themselves out this past week trying to get the house finished this weekend in order to provide a home for the puppy they had bought. BUT it just didnt happen. Hold ups with plumbers and electricians, kitchen units that were wrong or not delivered, all meant that there was just no way they could move in just yet. There is at least another two weeks work.

So a sheepish Laura came to us Friday night asking if she could keep the puppy shut in the dinning room/kitchen/conservatory while the cat has the run of the rest of the house. Which meant a total re-arrange of furniture, and cleaning all the floor, keeping the cat away at least until Wednesday when the puppy has his first injections and early mornings to give the little scrap his morning meal.
But how could I say no to this? Meet our new family member .. Bailey the Golden Retriever.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

50th birthday bash

Martin will be 50 on Thursday. About three weeks ago I suggested he have a BBQ this Saturdayto celebrate, he could ask whoever he wanted. He was in ectasy as we scoured the net and phone and got in touch with people he hadnt talked to for 16 years.

As a bloke though he did all his invites really casually over the mobile and didnt confirm who exactly was coming so I made him a whole batch of invites and got him to send them out. Of course he doesnt have a vast social circle so I wasnt expecting many to be coming. Many of those he did invite are partnerless so again the blokey chap response, not proper RSVP's but a quick text or phone message. Hopeless, I still had no idea of numbers.

This morning, my only day off this week, I finally sat him down and made a guest list. Turns out 32 people have agreed to come with 6 more not yet replied!!!!!! Not only that but two guys I have never met are coming down from Wales on Friday and will need putting up for two nights!!!!!!!!

So panic stations ensue - of course Martin is still being really laid back, 'Oh yes we can do the clearing up and cleaning later in the week' 'I'll mow the lawn near the day' etc. Flip! What are guys like???

So I had to set about clearing and cleaning the conservatory and then move most of my craft stuff from the spare room into our room so that Martin could get the single beds out of the attic and put them up. Of course we dont have any bedding so I am going to have to borrow that from my mum, and we dont have enough chairs for the garden so Martin must make a trip to B&Q to buy some cheap garden furniture, and we will have to have paper plates and stuff because I dont have enough crockery.

Blokes! Who'd have 'em. He seems to think everything is just going to magically be sorted on its own. Looks like I have some exhausting evenings ahead of me getting everything sorted. And there was me thinking he only had two mates LOL