Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am signed up for an on line photography course. Hopefully it will get me thinking more about how and when to use my camera.

The first module has been a bit of fun as we have had to take silhoette photos against the light. Easiest done outside but eversince we were given our coursework it has done nort but rain. So there have been some rather inventive photos and some people on the course have been getting up very early (too early in my opinion) to take sunrise photos!!

Anyway here are my attemptsTaken through the bedroom window about an hour before sunset when there was finally a break in the weather.

Shot looking up through my wisteria

Across the back of the gardens - I just liked all the telegraph poles and wires.

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Cath said...

Hey Yizz - long time no "see" :)

Those photos are stunning - what online photography course are you doing? Was it expensive?

Could you drop me a note over on my blog or pm at UKS if you have a chance. Thanks hon. x