Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ali Edward's challenges

I don't have the book - I would dearly love it - but lovely Anne is putting one up every three days or so on her blog. I have loved every one but just not got round to doing them so I am cutting them out and putting them into a little ideas journal to do later. Today however I had my sewing machine out already as I was replacing a broken zip in a skirt my youngest daughter bought yesterday. So there was really no excuse not to have a go at it. I used a scrapmap sketch and lots of scraps plus a photo of my beautiful eldest daughter.


Cath said...

Bloomin heck! THAT is GORGEOUS Yizz! I love it - I've not started mine yet, suppose i should get off here and actually do something.


Hello btw haven't seen you for AGES.xx

Suzanne said...

I love this page completely. And brilliant idea of getting all the different challenges into a journal jar. I am so behind with challenges everywhere!

Julie said...

this is wonderful! love the angles you used!