Monday, September 04, 2006

Digi templates

I've been trying to explain to some of the girls on the Padders forum what a digital template is and how it works. This LO was done using a template I got in my kit for taking part in the first challenge on We Digidare Ya. There's a link to the site in the sidebar, if you are into digi scrapping then this is a fab site, well worth a visit. I like working in digi as it means I can scrap while keeping up with the forums. When I paper scrap I am in a different room to the computer. I can't wait for Sky to get sorted in my area so that I can go wireless because I still like paper and glue best. There's nothing like making a mess all over the floor!

So my parents came over for a quick coffee today. Dad has just bought himself a new big greenhouse so he is going to give me his old one which is really tiny but ok for me to pot up a few plants and seeds. We looked round my garden to see where it might be housed, but the place was rather overgrown so when he left I got out there to hack back brambles and rambling roses. Then I thought I would attack the reeds in the pond which have rather taken over and the poor fish have virtually no where left to swim which isn't filled with roots already. I used the hedge shears and was gaily chopping away when I looked up to see the cat's head just between where I was about to close the shears!!!! One nearly decapitated cat!!!! Since after that he refused to stop following the shears around so that was the end of that gardening session. The fish are going to just have to take their chances.

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