Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm back - did you miss me?

I know I know, not been around for a bit. IE6 kept crashing everytime I visited and Firefox simply doesnt get on with blogger at all so I gave up for a while, but I have now downloaded IE7 so fingers crossed?

The plans for the wedding are steamrollering on. A venue is now booked for the reception, menus nearly sorted, bridesmaid's dresses chosen and the groom has now had a change of mind (he was adamant he was not going to but!!) and now the ushers, groom and Father of the Bride are to be in full top hats and tails, with proper penguin suits!!! This thing is getting posher by the minute and I am having a real panic about what to wear as Mother of the Bride. I have been given lots of instructions from my daughter who does NOT understand my body shape, and I know that the choices I am left with will not suit me or fit or be comfortable. And is going to cost an absolute fortune since I am strictly forbidden to buy off ebay LOL. The diet is not going well either, I put ON another pound this week so I am going to have to ban all goodies from the house and live on lettuce leaves for a few weeks.

On the scrapping font I went to a crop at the weekend, the first time I have been since I became ill and left work. It was really good to get back and chat with the lovely ladies I had met before. I was supposed to be giving some lessons in photo manipulation using Photoshop and had spent quite a while burning all the freebie plug ins I had downloaded off the net onto discs so that I could use them. Unfortunately the lady who was supposed to be supplying the laptop to play on forgot it so I never got to do my class but I did manage to get some stuff made, and a lovely lady Jackie showed me how to make a brilliant waterfall book.

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