Friday, October 20, 2006

On the up?

Are better times on the horizon?
Well hubby has been told he can stay in the store he is in at the moment recouperating from the stress episode for at least another 4 weeks so yes that is good news.
After loads of job applications (one I was positive I was perfect for but alas no) I have finally been shortlisted for interview. Mind you they want to see a taught lesson, lunch with the staff, a 10 min presentation AND an interview so scary but a confidence boost to be chosen at least.
And ok only a little bit of good luck but is it a sign that the bad times are over? We bought some computer chairs from Morrison way back last November. They were such a good offer we bought 3, one for my daughter, one for my daughter's boyfriend's dad and one for me. Within a month the one for my DBF's dad had broken (awheel on the stand snapped off). The cat had snagged the plastic on the seat of mine so we made one decent chair out of the two broken ones, but had lost the recipe so could do no more about it. Last week a wheel snapped on mine so it was religated to the pile of rubbish sitting outside waiting to go to the tip BUT THEN Monday Morrisons put out a recall on them!!Apparently this wheel snapping thing is a fault and they are giving every one who brings them back a full refund, no recipe needed! So WAY HAY a result. Money returned and off to Staples for a new chair.
Fingers crossed this is a bit of a turning point.

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Suzanne said...

Yizz, I do so hope this is the turning point you have been waiting for. You so deserve all the good things to happen!