Monday, October 23, 2006

Mother of the Bride

Gosh my legs ache - my youngest daughter and I went to Bluewater today to get something for this poor fat short Mother of the Bride to wear to the Big Event. I dont do a lot of distance driving so 40 miles there and then walking around for several hours was a tad tireing to say the least.
Anyway the first shop we tried was Coast where I tried on a bustier top and matching skirt with a lovely lacey kick pleat at the back, all in a dusty plumish colour. It actually looked ok and whats more it was in the sale, £75 top reduced to £35 and the skirt had a similar huge price slash. Wow! I couldnt believe we had actually found something and so easily. Next was our stop after that where we picked out some lush gold and cream brocade shoes which lifted the colour - I didnt actually buy them as I wanted to have a further look round before settling but I think they are what I will go for. I thought we were on a roll, all I now needed was a shrug/jacket/bolero/top coat to wear with it (as it was off the shoulder and the wedding is in March, plus I am getting a little long in the tooth to be parading too much bear flesh). This is where it got difficult though as nothing either was the right colour, fitted or suited me. Without the complete outfit there is no point in looking for the accessories (jewellry, hat, bag) so its back to scouring the internet and ebay. But at least I have made a start.

By this time we have been out 5 hours and it is tipping down, but it is my dad's birthday tomorrow and neither my daughter or myself had bought a pressie for the old man, so a detour over to Sheerness to find the concrete ornament factory. Yes a good idea except we didnt actually know where it was or what it was called. An hour spent driving in torrential rain around docks and industrial estates later and we stumbled on it. Between us we got him a lovely water feature complete with pump so I just hope he appreciates the effort.

I am still doing the Dares from the WeDigidareYa site - so many challenge sites have shut down this week its hard to keep up with them - this is my attempt for Dare #8

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Anonymous said...

Oh that outfit sounds absolutely gorgeous Yizz! I do hope you manage to find a cape or similar to go with it. You could always find someone to make one perhaps? Given that you have got a good deal on the outfit itself.

LOL at the driving around looking for a needle in a haystack (or rather garden ornament place on an industrial estate) just the sort of thing I normally do so I can imagine the frustration. I hope your Dad appreciates the pressie after all your efforts!