Thursday, August 21, 2008

This might be fun!!

On Monday I had a disasterous day. In the morning my laptop caught a virus and while scanning with AVG Kelly sent me a text. I had to go downstairs to get my mobile, and when I came back the laptop had turned itself off. When I turned it back on, it had completley lost explorer and all my peripherals had gone. I could neither back up or load new software, so couldnt even do a complete restore of windows. It is now with Wayne, patiently waiting for him to have time to mend it (fingers crossed).
Luckily I have at least hooked the wii up to the net so I can manage to get some limited use online. Game consoles are amazing!

Then at lunch time half of my tooth fell out!!! Which meant yesterday it was a trip to the dentist. I havent been for about 3 years but when I explained why he was very understanding. He said that apart from the £500 for a new crown my teeth and gums are fine (unless anything comes back on the x-rays.

Life with no computer is a real pain. To start with I cant scrap as I cant print out any of my 'new' photos (all on discs or pc and needing the printer) and neither can I clean up my older photos, or do any of the 101 hybrid scrappy things I normally do using the computer.

I cant read my emails, as the wii will let me onto hotmail but not open anything on the page.

I cant find out anything. I have lost count of the things I think of durring the day to go discover more about, only to realise I cant now. Its too much hassle hooking up to the wii (having waited for the telly to be free), plugging in a key board, trying to find pages using a wii remote.

So, no photos to share this time round, and lets hope for a speedy recovery for my little lappy. :(


Sue said...

I am the same!! I LIVE here..especially in the holidays.
Hope you are sorted soon!

Kelly Matthews said...

Oh no! Is it still not fixed?

If you don't have it back by tomorrow you can come and borrow Dilbert if you like.

lyzzydee said...

hope you get things sorted soon

lyzzydee said...

hope you get things sorted soon