Friday, May 22, 2009

Yay!! Its the holidays!

After two years doing supply, I wasnt appreciating school holidays, since most days stuck at home were boring and rather lonely. But after completing a full term at work, once more I am on holiday and looking forward to the coming weeks.

I think Laura has a few plans for me in order to help her finish off the wedding preparations, and then Martin and I have a further week booked, in a cottage on the Yorkshire Dales. Meanwhile I have a ton of gardening to do (I cant believe how much everything has grown since I have been away, in only four days) a stack of wedding stationary to finish (I still haven't sourced those red eyelets though) and I can then spend some time playing with other bits of paper in my craft room.

Its great to be back home, after a week dog sitting and I am looking forward to two whole weeks just relaxing and smelling the roses!!

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