Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cricut cutting....or not.

I love my cricut, I really do, and try to use it as much as I can. But this week it has been driving me nutty. I only want to make a bit of lace edging but will it play ball? I have downloaded the updated cutting guide, I have altered all the settings, I have given it a lovely new clean sticky mat to play with, but no! Nothing but confetti and torn bits of paper.

So I have left it to sulk, gone up and put my cross on my ballot paper for today's general election (no not telling, it is a secret ballot after all) and now I am sitting here giving the silly thing paddington bear stares whilst it has its final chance on a nice bit of Basic Grey to cut my lace border, and updating my blog at the same time. So blame the machine for lack of crafted eyecandy. Instead its the final photos of Cyprus.

Most of Friday we spent around the pool, soaking up more rays and just generally chillin'.
We had decided we had had enough of the restaurants on the strip so we dressed up that evening and drove into Paphos to see what the choices were there.

Those on the harbour didnt tempt us much so we walked the other way into town.

We had a little play in the seaside shops! We loved these trees, many of the street cafes had them in a variety of different colours. Both Wayne and I wanted a couple for our own front gardens, just to really annoy the neighbours. We had practically run out of places to eat bar the Macdonalds or the Pizza hut, when we spotted what looked from the outside like a large internet coffee shop. We looked at the prices on the menu in astonishment, they were half the price of everywhere else. We thought we would give it a go, but were expecting really naff food or really small portions. We were more than pleasantly surprised, isnt it always the way, you find the best places to go right at the end of your holidays. We were actually quite stuffed by the end of the first course but how could you resist these deserts? I was trying to take a photo of the desert when the waiter came and asked for my camera, without thinking I automatically gave it to him, only to look really shocked when he walked off with it. He was only teasing and came back to take this photo of all us together.

As you can see it was a fairly trendy place with lots of low sofa's and small tables. In fact the staff were really taken aback when we asked for another table as they had tried to sit all four of us around just one of those little tables. I have no idea how they expected us to all fit, and get our drinks and food on. Guess what? We were back in time to watch yet another game of footie in our favourite bar. Laura wasnt too impressed about this so treated me to another cocktail. No idea which one it was but it was quite nice.

Oue final day before catching the plane home, and the weather closed in. Overcast, windy, cold and spots of rain, drove us inside the villa for most of the day, to pack, clear up and watch tv. I think we were all glad when the evening came to get out and find somewhere to have our final meal.

We ended up in a smaller sports bar, watching.... oh yeah another game of football, and having a bit of a burger theme. This bar had a pool table so we had a couple of games before we run out of small change,

and everyone tried a new cocktail.

Wayne especially enjoyed his lager cocktail which Laura and I invented,

and we developed a new game, join the giant straws together

and then see if you can get your joined fingers all the way around the loop without touching the straw.

May be it was a good job this was our final day, although coming home did involve getting up at half 5 to drive back to the airport.

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