Saturday, January 05, 2013

Week round up

I can't believe it is the 5th Jan already! 

I thought a round up of each week would be a good idea, and would let me add in any catchups I may have missed/

One of the important things I have not mentioned so far is the really sad thing that has happened. My cousin's wife finally lost her battle to the big C and passed away on 31st Dec 2012. I just want to send out a huge hug and to say I am thinking of you all to Ian, all his family and also to all of Janet's family. xx

On a less somber note, I have been keeping to my targets (I refuse to call them resolutions) and so far am half way through sewing a peplum top. Now I made a full muslim which fitted perfectly. The pattern was this one (just the top with a self drafted peplum)

and all it needed was a small FBA and a bit of a widening of the sleeve. I used exactly the same pattern as I made to cut out the muslin. I then read on some blog or other that by cutting out the interlining a bit larger than the main pieces they could be sewn together at the edges, turned the right way in, and ironed flat that the edges would be finished and the interlining lay flat.  So I have had a go at that, made up the top, let the seams out again, made it up again and it just about fits where it touches. How did that happen when the muslim had just the right amount of ease?

Still I will plod on as Kelly has persuaded me to go to Slimming World with her on Monday so hopefully by the time I finish the top, I will have lost a few pounds to make it wearable!

So, thus far I have blogged more often, have done some sewing and have decided on which way and when I am going to start the weight loss. Today Martin is off to watch a spurs match so I am going to see about a bit of walking and then try and take a few photos.

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