Friday, May 09, 2008

Bank Holiday catch up

Saturday was Martin's birthday. It was fairly low key as mum and dad were off on their holiday on Sunday and the kids were busy plus he had to work.

With Jo still ill, where as we would normally have done something with Jan and Trev that was not on the cards. I have not heard any news for quite a while on Joey, and can only hope she is making steady but slow progress.
Anyway Martin and I ended up going for a lovely meal at the George and Dragon in Fordwich. It was a little more expensive than we normally eat out but well worth it as it full of fresh ingredients and all cooked to order. So tasty. Plus I even managed to eat within my weight watchers points (lost 1lb this week!!).

On Sunday the kids were all over for a BBQ so I had to shop, clean and cook for most of the day while Martin was at golf. As well as that Laura had wanted to go to the local annual roundtable bootfair, a huge effort taking up most of the playing fields. Wayne didnt come commenting that it was all someone elses rubbish! This from a regular ebay buyer - go figure. Shame was he was right. One man was even selling jars full of rusty keys???

The BBQ was fun, and afterwards Laura beat us all playing Flux. (Its about the only game we can beat Ollie at on an even playing field).

Monday everyone was working, mu
m and dad had arrived safe at their overnight B&B stop and I spent the day in the garden planting up bedding plants (having spent £50 at B&Q). This week between planting out (why did I buy so many - I dont actually have room in the flower beds), teaching and watering dads greenhouse I have been quite busy.

And with the sun finally shining I have not felt like messing with paper and glue. Finally as I had to go and sign off at the job center yesterday, I decided that since I am a dressie girl at heart and they just dont sell any of the dresses that suit my body shape or that I like, I would dust off my sewing machine and make my own.
The shop in Whitstable sells material that makes dressmaking worthwhile so I got a lovely pattern and some material,

and spent a pleasant afternoon cutting all the bits out. Watch this space to see if I can get it made and fitting me.

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