Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Treats for me, and good news.

Good news

Both Kelly's bessy mate Helen, and one of Laura's bessy mates are expecting babies! Helen is having number 2 child and is past the 12 week semester and Hayley is due in Jan 09.

Treats for me.

Wayne arrived with my brand new shiny laptop. It is so so fast, no more that sickly pc that kept throwing error messages at me, and plus now I can access the net from all over the house (and the garden!)

The kids came over last night to help me set it up and to have a cuppa. I have been on it the entire day loading up software and generally playing. I am soo so pleased with it.

As if that wasnt enough, Wayne has also got 2 tickets for the Chelsea Flower show and he is giving them to us!!!! Not only that they co-inside with Martin's day off. I have always wanted to go but thought the price too expensive, the whole event not to Martin's taste, and impossible for me to go as it was on during school teaching time. But since I seem to be a bit out of favour with the agency (no work or phone calls for over a week now) and so am not teaching, the tickets are free gifts, and who cares, Martin can just be bored, so we are going!!!

The only other news is that Mum and Dad have both managed to get my flu/cold type lurgy.

Oh and Martin has now decided that we should book into a hotel overnight at Heathrow rather than making Laura drive us up. I wish he had thought of that earlier, we could have used our tesco vouchers.

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