Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter hols,long and rambling

Wow, I can't believe how long it is since I last blogged. Mind, its mostly been same old, same old, so it would have been pretty boring blogging if I had come on before.

So what have I been up to? Well, not a lot of crafting as I am well into 1st and third person, point and click adventure games at the moment, having covered all but one Nancy drew, and all four CSI games in the last four weeks.

I have also been busy in the garden, sowing more seeds, and pricking out those that are growing well, and have even put a few out in the garden!

There has been a few fun and games worthy of reporting though.

The schools are on holiday now, so Laura and I were nipping over to the Papermill to stock up on more card/paper to finish off the wedding stationary (name cards and OOS still to go). Wayne and her have also had to sign up for another 6 months in the rental place so have decided to jazz it up, so I said I would buy them plants instead of eggs for their easter gift. This entailed a stop off at Bybrook Barn Garden Centre to look at the flowers she might want.

As soon as we walked through the door, she spotted the pet hall and wanted to go see. I dragged her round the indoor plants for a while but it was obvious she could only focus on the animals so gave in and got dragged into the fish tank area. Of course then she wanted a fish! She doesnt have a tank set up but she does have a large fish bowl (for the wedding decorations) so after an expensive hot chocolate and sausage roll in the cafe, I agreed to buy just one fish for their pressy instead of plants.

So thats how Gill the Red Cap arrived on her table in a fish bowl, worrying the life out of her as he didnt seem to want to swim. Thankfully this was just stress from change of home and soon he was busy zipping round the tank.

The follow-up was the next day though when I got another panic phone call. Wayne and her had been out to buy another two fish following on from the sucess of Gill, but the small bowl, with no air pump was not up to giving life to three water breathing creatures, one had already died, one was in a bad state and Gill was failing fast. She was phoning me for moral support as she did CPR through a straw into the water and waited for Grandad to arrive with his fish tank pump. The good news is that the crash team arrived in time and Gill and Bill are doing fine.

Dad has also been up to fun and games. His next door neighbour, around the same age as me,blonde and living up to her image had phoned my parents from Tesco car park. He quite often has to go rescue her from the dippy scrapes she gets into. This time the new(ish) car her hubby had just got her refused to open to the electronic key, and she with a full barrowload of shopping including icecream. So dad went up there, thinking that if he couldnt get the key to work at least she could put all her shopping into the boot of his car and he could bring it home for her. Anyway, after both of them spending some time attempting to open the car, they did just that, but as Dad was driving them both out of the carpark, intending on getting her other half to sort out the car, she spotted another car, which she said was the same as hers. Thinking she was joking, dad pulled up alongside it and told her to blip the car key at it. Yes, you are there before me, of course it opened. They had both been trying to get into the wrong car!!!!

So apart from gardening, playing 'puter games and messing about tryng to make order of service cards what else have I been up to?

Not much really.

Martin had to work all Easter weekend and as Laura and Wayne were away in Arendel for a night, we invited Kelly and Ollie and mum and dad over for Easter Sunday lunch which was very yummy.

We had to have Bailey dog for the night when Laura went up to London to see a friend and Wayne flew off to Barcelona for his stag do. The dog was really well behaved but it was good fun and games keeping him and the cat apart, especially when Bails refused to be left alone in the kitchen all night, barking his dismay for nearly half an hour until we swapped them over and let the dog have the run of the house and the cat got shut in the front room.

We have booked our holiday for this year, hiring a cottage in the Yorkshire Downs.

The girlies all went and gave their design ideas and measurements to the lady making their bridesmaid dresses, a teacher friend of Laura's. I am convinced that if she can find the time as a full time teacher to make three bridesmaids dresses as well, then secondary school teachers really do have it easy compared to Infant school teachers, because there is no way I would have had time or energy to do that when I was working full time.

I took mum out and she managed to get herself a dress for the wedding, I am still struggling and starting to panic a bit now. If anyone sees something suitable for a very short, overweight, large busted lady to wear to a summer wedding please point me in the right direction.

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lyzzydee said...

I will be watching to see if you manage to cover your large bust!!!!!