Friday, March 27, 2009

As promised, the garden.

I have been doing a little bit of crafting, but to be honest my mojo seems to have deserted me a little at the moment.

I made this card for Wayne and Laura in order to hide the cheque for our contribution to the wedding in. The front bit is acutally a pocket. Wayne was sooo impressed, he actually spent more time cooing over the card than wor
rying about the money LOL

I used SU! Polka dots stamps, the hostess set of stamps and lots of empossing powder, and souffle sukara pens.

I have been working loads to get the garden into some sort of shape, and want to put the pics on here so that, next year when I see lots of open bits of space in the flower beds I will know which bits need filling and which bits will eventually sprout something. What usually happens is I see bare ground and find a burning desire to plant something in it, only to find later that there already were things under the ground and ending up with some places way over crowded. Hopefully photos will stop that happening

My square foot garden and an unsuccessful attempt to warm up the soil and protect it from cats and foxes. I didnt take into account the high winds though.

Some new perrenial plants and lots of bark make this little corner, usually a home for ivy and brambles much tidier.

Martin cut down the huge overgrown bush, which has let in much more light to the garden and also given me the room to weed and mulch this bed. Its still a problem to plant up as its always in the shade.

The troughs that fur baby Pumpkin bought me for mother's day filled with the bulbs Laura gave me.

The fruit bed still needs a bit of weeding and mulching but we have run out of bark - so have B&Q!! Amazingly this morning I noticed that some of the strawberries have flowers on them!

This bit is always a mess as its hard to stop the lilac tree putting out offshoots or planting amongst the roots. However I have developed a few arm muscles pulling out the ground ivy and putting the bark down. It was worth the effort though.

Genaral view looking towards the house, Martin has spiked and seeded the lawn to help make it a bit thicker.

And finally a peek into the green house and all the small plantletts that will hopefully grow big enough to fill all those gaps.

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