Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad Bloger! Slap wrist.

And I dont really even have a good reason why as life has been pretty slow moving so there is no excuse about lack of time etc. Of course that does also mean lack of interesting stuff to blog about so I guess that is the reason

I have done some supply work - not alot though, but I did get invited to a new school to my repetoire which made a pleasant change. I have been out around the countryside with my mum and dad, not intentionally but a someone long drive for a lovely lunch, and I also got taken to the pub for another lovely lunch with Laura and Wayne so havnt lacked for outings or food! And I have been busy planting up seeds, both indoors and in my greenhouse, getting the beds ready for flowers and veg, and generally tidying up (or playing Nancy Drew adventure games!)

At the beginning of last week I jumped on the band wagon (and in the car) when Mum and Dad said they were off to the garden centre. We went to Ashford, and had a pleasant wander around Brybrooks, looking at the gift section and browsing the plants and seeds. Dad was after some dahlia tubers so we spent ages choosing those, and then mum spotted the jigsaws in the toy section. She saw one or two or maybe even three she really liked so I offered to buy it for her mother's day gift. Of course, worse than a child, she wanted to do it the moment she got home so I relented and let her have it early.

Wednesday, and Martin's day off, saw us both out in the garden giving it a helping hand shrugging off the winter coat and getting it ready for spring. The grass was finally starting to grow so Martin set to with the first mow of the year, whilst I busied myself in the greenhouse and in the flower beds.

Then Martin hacked down a particularly large tree shrub that had overgrown its space, which flooded light into the garden but upset the cat as it was his favourite climbing spot.

Friday, again Dad had itchy feet and wanted to go for a drive. With no idea in his head of where we were going, we headed off through Canterbury, down the Dover road, and into Folkstone. Mum and I thought we were stopping there, but he carried on driving, only stopping at Hythe so we could use the comfort facilities in Somerfield. Then with some small trouble finding the right road we continued along the Dymchurch road.

By now we had been in the car a couple of hours and were getting a tad peckish so Dad!!! suggested we go to the pub at Dungerness for lunch. Finding the right road did seem to be the theme for the day though as even that took some finding. We settled for the pub featured in Eastenders a while back,

it seemed quite popular as the car park was overflowing, but we found a table easily.

The fish and chips were superb (if not rather overpriced) and repleat from our meal, we got back in the car.
Mum kept on 'moaning' that she had completed the two puzzles she had got on Tuesday and wanted to buy another so dad relented and we drove from Dungerness to Ashford (via a few more 'oh this isnt the right road after all' detours, leaving mum and I in fits of giggles) and yet another jjigsaw was purchased.

In all we were out for over 5 hours with only a short break for our yummy lunch, but it was a good laugh and Mum and Dad were on good form. Shame it didnt last though as by Saturday mum was laid up with a bad back and yesterday it was diagnosed as a kidney infection - poor my mummy.

In order to make up enough hours (and because it was stock take) Martin had to not only work Sunday but do a long day too. I think Laura felt a bit sorry for me so she offered to take me out to lunch on Sunday. They took me to the Red Lion in Hernhill (we used to go there for our school christmas staff do) where we spent three hours over a delish three course sunday roast, chatting and laughing. Thank you for inviting me guys I really enjoyed myself.

This week Martin is on holiday but so far I have been called into teach so he has been on his own with a long list of chores. Yesterday he hired the carpet cleaner and I now have wonderful, looking like new clean carpets!

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You are turning into a lady who lunches!!!