Saturday, February 28, 2009

Updating my week

*phew*! I have managed to successfully complete the Pad challenge set by the lovely Debs and completed my target amount of Layouts each week. I even have one extra one I have not included and one sitting on the table that only needs a title cut out and suck on. Thats real fast scrapping for me!

And that was also with a sore hand.
Yes the hand didnt really go down completely until Saturday and it is still painful today but I am sure nothing is badly damaged and I will live, I just cant do as much as I usually do.

This week's diary:

Last Monday I finally got round to making an appointment for my smear test - and no its not the 'Jade effect' that is hitting the news, my letter has been stuck on the fridge for quite a while now and I have had my family nagging me constantly so I finally got fed up with them and made the appointment.

We also got an invite over to Laura and Wayne's for dinner as Wayne invited Martin to watch Spurs (Yummy, thanks Loz)

Tuesday I drove off out into the countryside to find out how far a school advertising a Foundation Stage job was to me. Its only about 12 miles away but it turns out its all through windy country lanes and takes over half an hour to get to. I shall still apply though.

On Wednesday Laura rang me early to ask me to go get a vet collar (bucket) for Bailey the dog. He had been for 'the snip' and needed some after op TLC so Martin and I got to dogsit for the day. Bails was a really good boy, we bought him to our house and mainly he played in the garden quietly, although he did have a bit of a struggle to lay down and sleep anywhere.
The weather had bucked up too, so Martin put the shelves back up in my greenhouse all ready for this year's bumper crop growing!

Thursday I had my hair trimmed. I put Debbie, my hairdresser under a spot of pressure, as she is not always consistant with my cuts, but last one, the girls were really impressed and kept telling me what a good cut it was. So I told Debs I wanted exactly the same again ... well she tried her best, and the good thing is that my hair does grow quickly. LOL

Another tiring day of supply work, including a ticking off from the secretary for taking the class out to break 5 mins early, and then a lovely surprise. Kelly and Ollie phoned from the train to ask if we had made any dinner arrangements. Being Friday Martin was at the golf club signing up for his weekly competition games so no we hadnt. Well did we want to join them at the Harvester for a meal? Did we ever?

So we collected them from the station and had a lovely chicken platter with them. They had vouchers for free sundaes and we had been looking forward to them having seen the concotions floating past us towards other tables. Alas it seems that the vouchers were not for the normal off the menu sundaes but for some horrible desert made from mostly melted soya milk (kelly is alergic to) no cream and somewhere burried in it a minute squeeze of topping, flavour of your choice. Martin ate his, Ollie polished off Kelly's and I simply didnt bother. Still the rest of the evening was fab (and thankyou Ollie for the treat).

We dropped them at the station, but 5 mins later they were back on our doorstep for a cup of tea as Kelly had not read the train timetable quite right LOL
The week was closed by a very quiet weekend as Martin worked all Saturday and played golf Sunday plus watched his team defeated for most of Sunday afternoon, leaving me free to craft and, my latest obsession, play Nancy Drew games on my pc.

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