Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Proping up my eyes with matchsticks!

Last night the council shut the main road at the end of our road (about 20 metres away) and spent the entire night with heavy lorries, diggers, cement mixers and phuematic drills doing something or other! We had been pre-warned but only of the road closure, not to the extent of work and level of noise we would be subjected to .... I did try blocking it out with my ipod but around half one the batteries went.

So this one very tired blogee trying not to make too many typo's updating my blog.

Yesterday my dear friend Ann came for a visit and a very long natter. She used to be my brilliant TA when I was working full time and its lovely that during the holidays we can get together and have a huge catch up. She is the only person I still have contact with from the school which is really sad since I worked with most of the same staff for nearly twelve years if you include my teaching practise. I know as a teacher it is hard to maintain a social life but it would be nice if I could see more of my ex colleges.

Still Ann kindly bought over a lovely bunch of flowers and news of how everyone there is doing. She did nag me a little as I have not been updating my blog enough but to be honest little has been happening.

There are a few bits of news though and I have been doing plenty of scrapping thanks to Debbie's challenges on the Pad.

News items. Kelly got her results for the exams she took last year and past with flying colours. She is a fair way towards getting her second degree in accountancy now.

I have finally finished the wedding invites, both evening and day ones!

Martin was off all week last week but I had to work 2.5 days and he spent another 2 days laid up with a bad back..bad enough to visit the doctor, who after suggesting private physio, gave him some stronger painkillers which along with some day time tv cure, fixed his pulled muscle in a jiff. I have great faith in the doctors in our practise but apparently this particular locum was not up to the usual high standards and didnt even look Martin in the eye let alone examine him.

Of course that meant we did very little on his break although we did have a day at Bluewater where he got a brilliant bargin on a new jacket for a tenner.

I lost 2lb on my diet, a great start.

We dont do valentines but since Martin had to go back and work on sunday we did go to Toby for Sunday tea. Yummy it was too. Crafting and other stuff. I am not doing too well with my photo a day, well in fact I have been totally useless at it, but I have not given up entirely. So far this month...

The work on the monstrosity behind our garden continues - tell me that structure at the back is a shed? Huh! Those are our chimneys in the background.

I finally persuaded Martin to light the fire!

On my way to work, I stopped to snap the view across the Ashford valley.

My rhubarb is poking out its heads.
Spring finally is arriving - I didnt even know I had planted these croci
My fish look like they have come through the winter cold snap

These are finally finished and ready to go out.
And today's of the closed road.

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