Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Half term update

Work proper finally started on Wayne and Laura's build. This is coming down and two lovely new houses with intergrated garages are going on the site.

Laura wanted to do something 'fun' with me on the half term break, but neither of us could think of anything much to do.

On Wednesday we went back to the wedding gown shop for her to have another try on of her dress (I thought it was for the alteration fitting, but apparently that should be done six weeks before the wedding, so it was just a dress up session). She also chose her veil and headpeice.

Then we came back to her place and finished addressing all the wedding invites.
Thursday she needed to catch up on school work, so with still no idea of what 'fun' thing we could do we found ourselves in Ikea at Lakeside on Friday buying stuff for decorating the wedding reception hall and making the favours (no clues).

Ikea takes so long to walk round, that we were too tired to do much in the way of looking for an outfit for me to wear at the wedding, Laura picked out a couple of outfits but she had grabbed the wrong size so they didnt fit. I am not too sure her idea of what suits me is anywhere close to what I think does, but I am open to ideas. We are going to go out again nearer the date, once the summer season hits the shops.

Friday evening I got a phone call from Kelly asking for me to join a gardening gang at her place the next day as they wanted to redesign (do something) with their back garden. This was going to be a bit of a problem because in my eagerness to be ready for Laura taking me dress shopping, I had slipped down 4 stairs, entangling my hand in the bannister, and at the point of the phone call it was rapidly swelling.

Luckily she had invited mum and dad too, so dad drove. But it was very frustrating not being able to do anything practical. I ended up sweeping leaves off the patio, while dad dug, mum made tea and Ollie and Kelly 'discussed' the overall design.

We only stayed a few hours, as dad was unsure of leaving his little hound for so long. I have spent the rest of the weekend rather fed up as there has been very little I could do with only my left hand. Annoyingly all my new goodies including my hostess gift turned up from SU! and have had to sit on the table unopenned. Luckily the swelling has gone down today and although still slightly painful (bruising I expect) I can at least do stuff now.

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