Wednesday, March 25, 2009

password protected

The lack of blogging is due to the fact that somewhere along the line something strange has happened to my lappie and it now wont remember any passwords, and this little bear of no brain is finding it hard to remember them all too. Its becoming really annoying that every time I want to check my emails (many times a day) I have to not only log in but fill in the log in page too (yes it wont even do that for me any more). Anyway I have finally hit on a combo of password and user name that lets me back into google and can update on here!

There is a fair bit to update too. Later today I am going to go and take some photo's of my garden as in the last week it has been changing quite a bit and now is almost ready for the summer!

Last week Martin had a week off, I had to work on Monday and Tuesday which allowed him one day to escape to the golf club but the second day I got him to hire the carpet cleaner and give our carpets their half annual spruce. Its amazing how well they come up, and for a few weeks we are now taking off our shoes to walk on them and being more careful with coffees!

Then we attacked the garden together, Martin spiked and seeded the lawn, I started weeding the ivy from the flower beds and mulching them with bark. Photos to follow.

On Thursday it was so cold (how can this stupid weather change so much, Tuesday we had breakfast in the garden in our tee-shirt sleeves) that we turned on the central heating and hibenated indoors, but then Friday again better weather returned so we dug out our English Heritage Membership tickets and headed off to Downe to see Darwin's house and gardens.

I am beginning to hate google maps and am seriously considering sat nav! Nearly there, within touching distance and google lost us round the narrow country lanes of Orpington. Well it was pleasant countryside and we were not phased, until we met a white van driver wanting to pass, impatiently wanting to pass, pushing Martin and my little car into the hedge, scratching all my door panel. Hopefully its not so bad it wont t-cut out but I was not a happy bunny and had little recourse as it was me that insisted on taking my car and not Mart's.

Anyway eventually we found the place and very interesting and lovely it was too. EH are trying out new audio/visual hand sets. My advise to them is - dont bother. Audio on its own is fine as you cant watch the video's and look round but worse than that the machines keep freezing up, or sending you back to the beginning of the tour.

Attempting to work our audio/visual hand sets!

Worse still, Mr Computer Illiterate managed to come out of the tour and get into Windows where both of us were unable to reset but could happily access all the emails to admin!!!! We didn't, just had to walk all the way back to the reception and get it reset

The long walk back.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the house but I took plenty of the gardens.

The greenhouses and kitchen garden where Darwin experimented on plants.

He had a whole greenhouse full of insect eating plants!

Darwin's formal garden where he observed the plants following the path of the sun from his front drawing room.

Apparenty Darwin's son was set the task of annually measuring how much the stone had sunk into the ground in order to proove a theory on earthworms. His son understood the importance of a long term study because he continued to take measurements for 17 years after Darwin died.

More updates to follow plus photos of garden. Watch this space.

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