Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another day another dollar

Which is something one of my bosses at Telecommunications used to start every morning saying, and which really got up everfyone's nose, plus today I am not earning another dollar as for the first time in ages I have no work booked. Its nice to have a few days at home though as the garden is completely over-run, and yesterday I started the huge job of weeding, deadheading and pruning back. One bed down .... tons more to do!

I am also doing a bit of crafting, despite lots of evening time being taken up with playing My Farm over on Facebook. I started out of curiousity because some of the teachers at the school I was working in were talking about it in the staff room, I am now hooked and refuse to give in until I have got at least one greenhouse LOL

Still on my craft table I have 2 nearly complete LO's awaiting journaling, and the photos printed out and cropped ready for a third. I also have nearly 100 glasses that need name tags made, printed and tied onto them, wedding menus to even get started on and 80 order of service cards awaiting their insides!

Most things are in hand as THE WEDDING edges ever closer. On Sunday (Father's day) we were invited by the happy couple to go over to the venue for lunch where we would be sampling their chosen menu. The setting is stunning and the new owners have been in for nearly a year making lots of improvements and alterations. I know the hotel well as it used to be a top favourite for teachers who had to go on courses or conferences. The place was so good then that it used to be a bit of a bun fight to get signed up for any teacher develepment days behing held there. The ownership then passed on and the new landlord was not a patch on the old, within only a short space of time their bookings dropped off, and when we initially went to check the place out as a proposed wedding venue we were shocked to find the place in the hands of the liquidisers. However the present new owners seem determined to make a go of it and so far so good.

Mind you even the best make mistakes and the landlady, although confirming that it would be fine to come sample the kids chosen grub, had forgotten to tell the chef, leaving us rather stunned to discover only the main course on our menu to be available, and even then not with the veggies we wanted. Wayne, not surprisingly made his feelings known, since this was not a freebie and we would be paying. We would still have to come back a second time to ensure the menu tasted right as a whole, meaning they would be getting a lot more money out of us. Di, Wayne's mum didnt really catch on to what Wayne was up to, but I could see the twinkle in his eye and it was clear from my seat that he was simply aiming for a free lunch. Di kept telling him to let it go, and not to worry, but he told her to be quiet and continued with his pitch. It partly worked as we all ended up with free deserts.

Anyway without giving any surprises away, sufficient to say what we did get to eat was superb (well the chef needs to learn how to cook potatoes but other than that..!)

We then spent quite a while wandering around the building a grounds, helping on decisions of table placement, band set up etc before heading off home again. We have now been invited to do the whole exersice over again next weekend but hopefully sampling the weddings full breakfast!

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