Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Its so easy to look at a map and think, wow, thats fairly near, lets just carry on up the road a bit. Well its what we tend to do a lot, which is why after a fairly exhausting morning looking around caves and walking dales, we decided to just nip up the road to Morcambe, and maybe even drop in Kendale on the way home!

Of course it didnt take long to realise it was further than we thought but it was beautiful countryside and so we just kept going. Despite the crowded seafront we managed to find a parking space virtually opposite the memorial of the one and only great Eric Morcambe. What a wonderful tribute the town have made to the genius of comedy, the stairs up to the statue are engraved with the words of 'Bring me sunshine', he's clever catchphrases are embedded in the paving slabs below and around him are stars depicting the major contributers to the art work. Martin was over the moon when he spotted that one of them was his very own employers Morrisons. And, well, you just have to dont you?

We looked for our hats, but would you adam and eve it, even though Morcambe is a traditional seaside town (all be it a bit tired and run down) there were no traditional bucket, spade and sun hat shops. We walked into town and managed to get sun screen in Boots, where a very confussed assistant tried to direct us to the nearest Morrisons (via the sea if we had followed her instructions) as we needed to stock up on basics and believe it or not, having only done about 400 miles a tank of petrol. We tanked ourselves up too, stopping in a beach front pub for a bacon roll and a coffee (it was on offer and the roll on its own was £1.20 dearer than if we had the coffee with it!). We also got chatting to a lovely old couple from Stoke who's highlight of the holiday was to be the meal they were just about to get in Weatherspoons! Ah bless.

Despite the milage, the hiking, the pot holing and the hour spent shopping in the supermarket (the latter being so few and far between in Yorkshire we stocked up for the week worried we would not find civalisation again soon) we still had enough energy and enough sun rays left to enjoy a BBQ in the little cottage garden.

Not a bad second day to our holiday.

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