Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wedding Day

Sorry this entry has taken so long, seems I used up all my photo storage and as I am pretty sure its the wedding photos everyone wants to see, I needed to get that sorted out!!

I have been collecting photos taken by some of the guests as obviously until Wayne and Laura come back from honeymoon I dont have any of the official photos to share. I, of course was far too busy to take many of my own photos.

We had been listening to various weather reports all week, the predictions wavering between torrential downpours, through howling gales to sunny and hot. So we were overjoyed to wake up to a morning that wasnt too bad, and no rain in sight.

Laura had stayed over the night before and was leaving from our house but she and Hayley nipped off for hair and make-up appointments really early, at 8.30. Martin was despatched to Sainsbury for some coisants to go with our bucks fizz and not long after Katherine turned up to play hairdressers and makeup with me.

Back with the coisants we once more despatched Martin off with a long list of jobs to do at the reception and settled in for a lovely peaceful morning getting ready.

Everything went to plan, although I had to sew Katherine into her dress and despite all our efforts she was still very uncomfortable in the ill fitting dress. The girls returned from their make-overs, the bucks fizz was sipped, make up was finished, nails were done, jewellry was adorned.

The photographer turned up, followed by the car and chauffer.

Then things turned nasty!

We started to get Laura into her dress, and then I realised I probably didnt have as much time as I should since it was 11.20 am and the car was supposed to leave with the bridesmaids and myself at 11.30. I pulled my dress over my head and asked Laura to zip it up.............

and .....

the zip stuck half way.

Paniced I got her to pull it up harder ... I couldnt take the dress off again, the zip was too high up, but there was no way I could wear it with the zip half undone. We tugged harder .... and the zip came apart altogether!!!

Well at least now I could take the thing off, but what was I to do now?
Laura and the girls were still getting themselves ready,

then Laura had to go for a photo call in the garden. There was no time for repairs or even to sew the bloody thing on me.

Very close to tears, but knowing I couldnt spoil my makeup as well, I stood bemused. Well I did have the gold skirt I had originally bought for the wedding, but the top didnt quite match, and it was too big anyway. The hat, shoes and bag really didnt match. But I really had no alternative. I ripped off all the labels, found the lacey bolero that was really for the evening and rushed down for my photo to be done.

Then just as I wanted to give my baby her last hug and motherly words of wisdom, Martin shut me in the porch and left me stood there while they took the photos of Laura pretending to get in the car!!! I was devastated. Men really have no idea do they.

Finally frNo time to even glance in the mirror, we were whisked away in the car and dropped at the church. I had to get Kelly to give me the once over to check I had no labels left on.

This was not how I had wanted to arrive at the church.

Everyone was already sat down and I had to do a solo walk up the aisle (embarrassingly falling off my shoe on the way).

The wedding ceremony - well infact the whole day, flew past in a whirlwind. Laura looked amazing, the service was so special, and despite feeling really conspicuous in my dredged together outfit, I really enjoyed the day.

All Laura's ideas that she had worked so long and hard on came together perfectly and as far as I am aware everyone had a brilliant day.

After the photos (which we got through really quickly as Laura had worked out a list with the photographer, which the ushers all had a copy of,

and which we stuck to, (getting each person ready and in the shot at speed),

we headed off to Howfield Manor in Canterbury for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I can not praise or recommend Howfield and its staff enough. They had told us from the start that 'nothing' was impossible and had gone along with every single idea we had come up with. We had hired the whole hotel and grounds, giving us lots of freedom.

We started round the back in the new extention, with canopees and a wonderful 'red' drink which turned everyone's tongue a lovely shade. A very talented harpist played modern songs to us as we all chatted and got to know each other's new family members and friends. Well at least those in flat shoes did, those of us in high stillettos had to stand still in fear of our heels catching on the wide gaps in the decking planks.

I am told the canapees were really tasty but I was far too excited to taste them.

The red welcoming drink did have an unusual ice-breaking effect!

Despite having been up all night driving down for the event, Chas, Laura's childhood friend did a fantastic job of being toast master, and in his red jacket, got all the wedding party lined up for the formal walk through into the marquee.

All the work of the previous day had paid off, and with the florists additions, the tables looked stunning. And the fish were a fantastic talking point!

Everyone settled down happily ready for the meal.

Tough luck though because in a bit of a buck towards the usual tradition, Laura and Wayne had decided to do the speeches first in order to allow everyone to relax after and enjoy the meal. There was a sweepstake on each table but I am not too sure anyone worked out how it worked.

Anyway all three guys made funny and amusing speeches, with some serious messages being put across at the same time. Well done guys.
The meal could not be faulted and the final course, the apple pie was to die for!!

So coffee, some more chatting, the cutting of the cake, and Laura went off to change into her evening (more dance friendly) second wedding dress. I also took the opportunity to slip out of my outfit because there were quite a few bones that had decided to leave their placement in the seams and stick into me. I only had my summer skirt and a tee-shirt but it was soooo much more comfy and Laura said it was ok. I just wish I had waited until after the first dance, as Wayne's dad is so much taller than me. In my flats conversation was impossible.

The evening was fab. The band, Gin and Tonic were outstanding, playing a selection of 80's music that got everyone up on the dance floor. Note Laura's second 'wedding dress' for the evenings fun.

Although the heavens opened later in the evening, people still made it down to the BBQ tent for the evening grub or continued down a little further into the grounds for some fun on the bucking bronco machine!!!

A fantastic brilliant day, congratulations to Laura and Wayne!!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Lovely family pictures. :)
Congratulations to the newly weds.

Boo said...

Oh great photos - it does like a lot of FUN was had - just how a wedding should be. :D Love your outfit Yizz - what a doll.